CHAMPCAR/CART: PacWest Road America raceday notes and quotes

Motorola 220 Sunday, August 19, 2001 SCOTT DIXON - ...

Motorola 220
Sunday, August 19, 2001


Starting position: 3rd Finishing position: 4th Laps: 45

"What a strange race," said Dixon. "After my first stop on lap ten, when we put on slicks, I came back out and got together with Andretti. My front right toe-link was bent and I needed to have it fixed or my day was in trouble. When we came in, we couldn't fix it before going a lap down so we went back out and came in one lap later. We got that fixed and fell to the back of the pack before the race was red-flagged. After we got started again, Memo had a big crash and some debris came off of his car and hit me on my helmet. I believe that same piece of debris hit my rear wing and ripped it off my car. We came into the pits 4-5 times just to get a new wing put on, but my crew did an unbelievable job keeping me on the lead lap. Every time we came in for more repair, we topped off fuel so I knew we could race the rest of the way. When the leaders started pitting, we gained some valuable spots, and came away with fourth. This result was possible because my crew is so good, so this one goes to them."


Starting position: 15th Finishing position: 23rd Laps: 9

"99 percent of the track was fine, but there was a river running across the track right after the kink," said Gugelmin. "CART never should have started this race with the conditions the way they were. Red-flagging this thing was the right decision, but that doesn't help me, or any of the other guys who crashed in this mess. On wet tires, everything was all right, but we had to switch to slicks because most of the track was dry. As soon as I came out of the kink I saw the water, backed off the throttle and straightened my car. Once I hit the water, it was like driving on glass or riding on a skateboard. I hydroplaned and went into a slide and connected with the wall in turn 11. These are racecars, not power boats. The whole thing was ridiculous."


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