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The trip to win No. 100 for Roger Penske included a lot of hard work and a lot of great drivers. Here's what some former members of the Marlboro Team Penske stable, like Rick Mears (pictured above) had to say about their contribution to the...

The trip to win No. 100 for Roger Penske included a lot of hard work and a lot of great drivers. Here's what some former members of the Marlboro Team Penske stable, like Rick Mears (pictured above) had to say about their contribution to the racing milestone.

"My most memorable win with Roger was the 1977 Pocono 500 because it was my first 500-mile win. After the big crash at Indy in 1975, it felt great to win a 500-miler."
-- Tom Sneva, Penske Racing 1975-1978, 3 Wins

"Winning the Indianapolis 500 in 1991 was my most incredible win with Penske. Not just because it was our fourth win at Indy but because everything in the race went according to our plan and at the end of the day there was a good battle going between me and Michael (Andretti) and the fastest car won."
-- Rick Mears, Penske Racing 1978-1992, 29 Wins

"My win at Indianapolis in 1985 was probably the most spectacular because I spun on the front straight and was able to keep it together and still win the race, but I think my last win for Roger was probably the most memorable for me. It was at Laguna Seca in 1990 and we dominated the whole weekend. We led every practice session, qualified on the pole and led every lap of the race. It was the perfect ending to a great run with Penske."
-- Danny Sullivan, Penske Racing 1985-1990, 12 Wins

"My 1981 win at Indy was probably the most memorable one because Roger believed in my telling him I did not violate any rules and that it was all politics. Roger is still the best racing person I ever knew."
-- Bobby Unser, Penske Racing 1979-1981, 11 Wins

"My most memorable win at Penske was the last win I had at Nazareth in 1995. I was very excited ... and why? Because the last 10 laps were the best ... holding Jacques Villeneuve off for more than 10 laps trying to pass me."
-- Emerson Fittipaldi, Penske Racing 1990-1996, 11 Wins

"Winning in my hometown of Toronto in 1993 had to be one of the most emotional victories of my career. To be able to win in front of all your friends, family and fellow Canadians is really special. What made it even more special was that I was the first Canadian CART driver to win there and the first Canadian to win a major race in Canada since Gilles Villeneuve won the Canadian Grand Prix in 1978 so the fans were going wild."
-- Paul Tracy, Penske Racing 1991-1994, 1996-97, 11 Wins

"I wouldn't have been able to call my career complete had I not driven for Roger Penske. He represents the elite -- the creme de la creme -- in the same category as Enzo Ferrari and Colin Chapman. There is a definite status symbol that goes with driving for Roger Penske because he represents the very best. I was actually a part-time driver for him because I was still in Formula One at the time, but I think my most memorable event was the Michigan 150 in 1980. I was on pole and won that race, a particularly satisfying day for me because I beat Roger's No. 1 driver -- Bobby Unser -- who was running very strong at the time.
-- Mario Andretti, Penske Racing 1976-1980, 2 wins

"My most memorable win for Roger was at Indy in 1994. Roger set the standard in open-wheel racing and the effort and ddication put into developing the car for that race is a perfect example of why Team Penske is successful. The design was very innovative and it was a great achievement given the amount of time they had to get it done -- and get it done right. The development of the engine was phenomenal. I was very proud to be driving that car."
-- Al Unser Jr., Penske Racing 1994-1999, 12 Wins

"There are two wins that really stand out. The first is winning the CART Championship in 1985 at Tamiami. While we didn't win the race, we did exactly what we needed to do, and set out to do, to win the championship against Al Jr. It was a storybook race in that Roger and I sat down and worked out our strategy, and nothing happened that we didn't talk about or expect. Seldom, if ever, does a race play out that way.

"The other race is Indy 1987. It also played out like a movie. I didn't have a ride and Roger asked me to drive for him. We had a year-old car and nobody gave me a chance to win it. Because of Roger's superior team and effort, I won the race when by all odds I shouldn't have. A year later everyone was still asking how we won that race."
-- Al Unser Sr., Penske Racing 1983-1989, 3 Wins

"Winning Trenton in '72 was very special for me because it was only my second race with Roger and it was just the third win for the team. I remember that we won in dominating fashion, crossing the finish line at least three laps ahead of Roger McCluskey. My fondest memory of racing with Roger has to be in '72 when I led the Indianapolis 500. There is no feeling in the world like going down the front straight at Indianapolis leading the race."
-- Gary Bettenhausen, Penske Racing, 1972-1974, 2 Wins

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