CHAMPCAR/CART: Monterrey: Jan Heylen race report



The Muermans/BergHOFF sponsored #11 Dale Coyne Car, did great during the Practice and Qualification runs on Friday and Saturday in Monterrey, Mexico. The team did an impeccable job sorting out the break issues that plagued Heylen in Houston and were also able to get the car in perfect balance. Heylen: "I am excited about this car, after only 2 races configuring, this is the best the car has ran and I feel we can certainly achieve something good this race"

100-110F ( 37-43Cº) temperatures made for a scorching track, but Heylen proved true to his goal in after just two races qualifying Saturday for position 11th in front of his teammate Cristiano Da Mata.

Sunday after an uneventful start Heylen initially lost 2 places due to a difficult exit on the #2 turn where Da Matta took the opportunity to position in front of Heylen. The Coyne car performed flawless and Heylen was easily able to keep up with the group including amongst others, Servia, Junqueira and Da Matta.

At the fifth round Heylen started developing a pain on his left shoulder right on top of the collar bone. What started as a minor nuisance became rapidly a scrutinizing pain and by Heylen's first pit stop it was almost certain it would only be a matter of time before this would affect his performance in Monterrey. Heylen in what's arguable "the best physical condition of his life" fought thru this pain until he was not longer able to move his arm which was now completely numb by what was immediately after the race diagnosed by the doctors as "a pinched nerve caused by his Hans* device". Heylen finished the race at a reduced pace to get at least some points for his performance at Monterrey.

Heylen is now looking forward to his first "oval' race at the Milwaukee Mile in Wisconsin on June 4th .

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