CHAMPCAR/CART: Monterrey: HVM Friday report


BJORN WIRDHEIM, #4 HVM/Lola/Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone

Bjorn on Qualifying:We are back on track. We had a mechanical problem this morning that we sorted out for the afternoon. Fortunately even with problem, we were able to get some laps in and spend the session on the track, which was important for me. The car was not stable because of the problem, but it was drivable and with it being my first session on the track that was the most important thing for me to do. The car felt much better this afternoon it is still not quite there, but I think it will be for tomorrow and now I know the track as well, so we have a lot to work with tonight. It is a very slippery track and it is very difficult to be quick but I certainly think we have a solid baseline to work with now."

RONNIE BREMER, #55 HVM/Lola/Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone

Ronnie on Qualifying:"Well I am quite disappointed frankly, I think we should have been firmly in the top ten. My car is just about there, we have a bit more work to do tonight but it is close. I made a mistake in one section at the end of my best lap, so I'll put my head down tonight and think about what we can do for tomorrow. It is much different here in the Champ Car and part of it may be that I am still figuring out the approach with the extra 500 horsepower and how to use it to my best advantage on a slick track."


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