CHAMPCAR/CART: Monterrey Ford Racing Sunday notes and quotes

KENNY BRACK POSTS TOP FIVE FINISH- Polesitter Kenny Brack recorded his first top-five result of the 2001 CART season with a fifth place finish in the inaugural Monterrey Grand Prix. Cristiano da Matta won the race to score his second career...

KENNY BRACK POSTS TOP FIVE FINISH- Polesitter Kenny Brack recorded his first top-five result of the 2001 CART season with a fifth place finish in the inaugural Monterrey Grand Prix. Cristiano da Matta won the race to score his second career victory, Gil de Ferran finished second and Paul Tracy took the checkered flag in third place. Other finishers powered by Ford-Cosworth included Max Papis (12th) Oriol Servia (14th), Bryan Herta (16th), Michel Jourdain, Jr. (17th), Alex Tagliani (21st), Michael Krumm (23rd), Patrick Carpentier (25th) and Luiz Garcia, Jr. (26th).


KENNY BRACK (#8 Shell Ford-Cosworth) - Finished 5th (Qualified 1st) - "I was coming around one of the turns and "boom" - the engine cut off all of a sudden. It took me half a second to recycle it and turn it back on, but after that we didn't have a problem all race. I chased down Cristiano (da Matta) and I guess I was on his gearbox too long because my brakes got too hot and I looked like a wanker out there. I went off two or three times I guess because I had no brakes."
WAS THAT ONE OF THE FASTEST RACECARS YOU'VE EVER HAD? "The racecar was good. In the end we had too much oversteer. The track picked up grip and we lost some rear end, but I think if we would've been in the front we would've been able to hold people off. It's always difficult in traffic, but I guess that's the way it goes."
COULD THEY DO SOMETHING WITH THE INSIDE OF THIS TRACK TO MAKE IT A LITTLE BIT "RACIER?" "Yeah, they probably could, but there's nothing wrong with the layout. The problem is the dust that's off the racing line. As soon as you stick your car out there you lose all the grip. That's the problem, but it's the same for everybody."

MAX PAPIS (#7 Miller Lite Ford-Cosworth) - Finished 12th (Qualified 11th) - "I couldn't do better than I did coming from 23rd to 12th after having a problem refueling. I also had some braking problems and the car was very difficult to drive, especially in the last 10 laps. I did my best to finish 12th so we can go to Long Beach to qualify in the fast group."
WAS THIS A TOUGH WEEKEND FOR YOU? "This weekend has been really tough because we had a mechanical problem with the differential on both cars on Friday, and we lost one day and were behind everybody else. I'm not happy about finishing 12th, but when you look back on the situation it's relatively good."

ORIOL SERVIA (#22 Sigma Autosport Ford-Cosworth) - Finished 14th (Qualified 8th) - "The car ran well with no problems, but I think we paid today because we haven't had a lot of testing. We need more experience with long runs and just need a better car over the long run, but it's okay - we finished. It's a start and we have 20 more races in which to learn."
WHAT WERE THE TRACK CONDITIONS LIKE? "There was a lot more rubber down from yesterday, but it was a lot worse outside the line. You couldn't make any mistakes and actually I thought there would be a lot more cautions than there were so I congratulate all of 'us' for behaving."

MICHEL JOURDAIN (#16 Herdez Bettenhausen Ford-Cosworth) - Finished 17th (Qualified 24th) - "We have a good package and we have everything we need to be competitive and I'm sure that in a lot of races we'll be right up there. It was better than what I thought it would be to overtake. We had a very competitive car and were able to pass some cars on the track, but it's a shame we couldn't finish where we should have. We had a problem on the first pit stop and we lost like a lot of positions there, then (Nicolas) Minassian hit me at the end and we lost many positions again."

ALEX TAGLIANI (#33 Player's/Forsythe Ford-Cosworth) - Finished 21st (Qualified 13th) - "It's too bad because we had a very good car and a very fast car. I was very happy with the way the car was handling. I think we could've finished in the top five the way the rest of the race was going. I'm pretty pleased. I know we're very competitive and I'm very anxious to go to Long Beach."

PATRICK CARPENTIER (#32 Player's/Forsythe Ford-Cosworth) - Finished 25th (Qualified 6th) - "It's very disappointing. We didn't have any problems through the whole winter and everything went well. We qualified pretty well and the car was very good, but we were having problems right from the start of the race. We were having electronics problems and the engine finally caught fire. I also lost my clutch and couldn't shift the gears - when I was shifting the engine was shutting down. I had a lot of smoke in the cockpit and I wanted to keep going, but we had to stop."


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