CHAMPCAR/CART: Mont-Tremblant: Pacific Coast Motorsports race report

Another Top-Ten for Dalziel, Figge's Day Impaired by Brake Issues Ryan Dalziel ...

Another Top-Ten for Dalziel, Figge's Day Impaired by Brake Issues

Ryan Dalziel #28 PCM/Molecule/DP01/Cosworth/Bridgestone
"It was an incredibly challenging race for me because we had a stuck throttle the last half of the race. The good news is we had a lot of positives today, we ran strong at the start of the race, we ran well into the top-ten most of the day and we had a good race car. I think as a team we are continuing to make a lot of progress, we certainly made a lot of improvements this weekend. It was a shame we didn't get to qualify yesterday because I really think we had a car good for 10th and we proved that in our first stint today. My guys were great in the pits, they get better and better every weekend. The tough part was the throttle, we had 10 -- 15% throttle at all times which made the braking zones a real challenge, but we got through and scored our fourth top-ten of the season."

Alex Figge #29 PCM/Molecule/DP01/Cosworth/Bridgestone

"Wow, what a day. This was the type of day that in the end will make me a better driver, but man it was tough. The brake problems began in he first ten laps and became worse and worse. When it started raining, we had so much lock-up, it made it really tough and I was constantly over-shooting the corners. It was tough to keep it on the pavement. My team did a good job in the pits and we'll turn our focus to Toronto. This was a great event and the crowd was terrific."

-credit: pcm

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