CHAMPCAR/CART: Mont?rr?y: Team Motorola Friday qualifying quotes

Michael Andretti - ...

Michael Andretti - #39 Honda-Reynard-Bridgestone

"Today was not a good reflection of what I think the car can do for qualifying. The car was so loose on me this afternoon that it almost felt like something was wrong; it was really strange. Even this morning the car didn't feel really good so we've got some work to do tonight but I have no doubt we'll figure out what the problem is and be okay for tomorrow's qualifying. I have to admit, the new Friday qualifying really made things interesting today and I'm just happy that we've still got tomorrow."

Kim Green -- General Manager

"The first qualifying session with the new rules was certainly interesting and we've got some work to do with our race car. It is certainly not what Michael is wanting as far as the handling goes so we'll work on that tonight. It's not the final qualifying, it's just the first day and I think Team Motorola is certainly capable of getting it right. Tomorrow we should be able to come out in the morning practice and fine tune some things and be ready for the afternoon qualifying session. Michael proved last year that he could qualify well here so I'm confident that if we get the car right that he can qualify well here tomorrow."


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