CHAMPCAR/CART: Mexico City: Fernandez Racing race report

Luis Diaz, Driver -- ...

Luis Diaz, Driver -- #51 Tecate/Quaker State/Telmex Honda/Lola/Bridgestone:

Finished: 19th Started: 19th

"Unfortunately the engine blew up. I feel very sad for the guys. They worked so hard this weekend. The bad luck is following this team. I hope that next year, with Adrian here and all these guys together again, they can fight for the championship. They don't deserve this. They work very hard and unfortunately bad luck again. I feel sorry for all the sponsors as well. This is racing, and everyone just has to keep working. I think this team has great people and if everything comes together with some good luck, they are going to be there in front.

"It was a great experience for me this weekend. I learned a lot emotionally, mentally and physically. I learned a lot as a driver, and I am very grateful to Adrian and everyone here."

Shinji Nakano, Driver -- #52 Alpine/Mitsuba Honda/Lola/Bridgestone:

Finished: 14th Started: 13th

"This was the last race of the year and it was so important for me to do well here. In qualifying, I think we made a mistake with the setup and we couldn't get a good starting position. We changed the setup a lot for the race and the car was good. After the morning warmup, I had a lot of confidence for the race. I had too much understeer at the beginning, but as the temperature went down the car was getting better and better. I had bad luck before this year and it looks like I still had bad luck left for here. That was a shame. I had the fastest lap of the race and that shows that the car was good. I think the team did a really good job this weekend. My car was almost perfect in the race. I want to say thanks to the team. They worked really hard this year. We were struggling a lot at the beginning, but mid-season we had a very good car. We have been so close for a podium finish, but it didn't happen. I want to say thanks to Honda, my engine was perfect, and to all my sponsors."

Adrian Fernandez, Owner/Driver -- Fernandez Racing:

"It was basically a frustrating year for us. There were just too many things both in and out of our control that put us out of races. I feel bad for Luis and Shinji. Luis was very excited about doing his first race and unfortunately something happened with the engine. For Shinji, we had a problem with his right rear tire and we lost a lap there. He was running 10th and running pretty good so it was unfortunate. He ran the fastest lap of the race and that was a high point for us here. We just have to regroup. I think Fernandez Racing deserved more. We are a much better team than what it shows in the points and we just have to come back strong next year and show what we are capable of doing."

Tom Anderson, Owner/Managing Director -- Fernandez Racing:

"This was obviously not the way we wanted it again. This season is in the record books. I think they had an absolutely fantastic first event here in Mexico City -- a fabulous venue, and my hats off to all the promoters and everyone here in Mexico City for putting this together. It was unfortunate for Luis to go out on the first lap. It was extremely disappointing for all of us on the Tecate/Quaker State/Telmex car that we couldn't provide something more than what happened today. As far as the #52 side, Shinji set the fastest lap of the race so obviously the car was good and Shinji was driving well. We couldn't quite get the pit stops together today, and we had a right rear tire come loose on the second stop and that put us out of contention today. We have a winter to rebuild and we'll try it again next year."


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