CHAMPCAR/CART: Long Beach: Post-race quoteboard

Sebastien Bourdais ...

Sebastien Bourdais #1 McDonalds Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"It feels really good for the whole McDonald's team. They worked their tails off all winter and I really, really couldn't feel any worse than what I was feeling after Vegas, making all these mistakes. And I think we worked a little bit on the car to make me a little more comfortable and we got things figured out. I can't thank the team hard enough for what they've done because, again, they went to bed way past midnight and woke up at 4 this morning and they were there at the track to get the cars ready. It's just unbelievable how much effort they put into it. It's really definitely a team effort that's been rewarded today and I really enjoyed the ride."

Oriol Servia #3 INDECK Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"Well, as you can only imagine, I wasn't expecting to be here. I wanted, but I wasn't expecting to be here when I came on Friday. So just very happy. You know, I mean, I was given the opportunity. And I knew that the car was going to be good and the team was going to do a good job. I knew that if I wasn't too rusty, I could do a good job, too. So, you know, I took the opportunity. First I want to thank the whole Forsythe team and especially Mr. Forsythe for trusting that I could do the job. Then, as I said earlier, I want to really thank the fans because, you know, in Vegas was very hard for me just to walk around without a ride. And every step in the paddock, I would find a fan that would come to me and just give me their support. And same happened here on Friday. So that kept my, you know, energy and motivation up. And I want to thank them very much."

Will Power #5 Aussie Vineyards Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"I had 'push to pass' left. I got a really good exit. Yeah, I had a chance and I took it. It was a clean pass. No problem. Got round the corner. I must say, it felt like a more satisfying day than last week because it's such a hectic race for me. I made the mistake early in the race on the restart. I couldn't get first gear. I spent a lot of time, almost lost two spots. From then on, I was just fighting, sitting behind Tag, then Justin Wilson. I had the car to do it. We had a really quick car. It's so hard to pass around here. I sat behind and saved fuel. It didn't matter in the end because we had a yellow stop anyway. So for me it was a busy day sitting behind cars. It was a good result in the end, good points, another podium. We can look forward to the next race."

Justin Wilson #9 CDW Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"Things went well for us this weekend, which was a relief after a difficult weekend in Las Vegas. We had a good race and an interesting day. During the first half we were working on our strategy and saving fuel. That seemed to pay off as we were able to gain some positions after the first round of pit stops. During the second half of the race we were focusing on making improvements on the #9 CDW/RSPORTS car and racing flat out. It is good that we were able to earn some valuable points this weekend and it was a reasonable finish for CDW. I think that we are definitely making progress, hopefully next week in Houston we can finish on the podium."

Alex Tagliani #8 LXN2 Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"I am really happy for the RSPORTS team. We have had no major issues with #8 LXN2/RSPORTS car in the past two races and that is a tribute to all the hard work this crew has put into this effort. The car was ok, but for some reason we were always running out of steam and grip at the end of every stint during the race. Along with that issue, we were having radio communication issues, which caused some confusion when Oriol (Servia) came out of the pits. I could have gotten around him, especially if I knew it was for position, but at the time I did not think it was. It was disappointing to lose a podium at the end. What is important is that we leave this weekend second in the championship standings. We earned more valuable points and that is what we are striving for. Our goal is to win races, but most importantly to win the championship, so obtaining as many points as we can each weekend is the key. We were able to do that once again, and I think we are on the road to a great season and there is much more to come from the RSPORTS team."

Bruno Junqueira #19 Sonny's Bar-B-Q Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"It was a good day for us today. The car got great mileage and our pit stops were perfect. The #19 Sonny's Bar-B-Q DP01 ran as fast as the leaders all day. I'm very happy with the results after having a tough first few days. This puts us in great position for the championship."

Neel Jani #21 Red Bull-Gulfstream Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"I think the Red Bull Gulfstream PKV Racing Team had a good strategy today. A really good strategy, which got me into second place at one point, but unfortunately we had a mechanical issue when we were fueling and the fuel didn't come in fast enough. That cost me important seconds on each stop. As a result of that problem we lost a better finishing position because I was right on Servia's tail and he finished second. It was a tough weekend, but in the end we earned some points. Now we will just have to go to the next weekend and do better."

Graham Rahal #2 Medi | Zone Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"The Medi | Zone team had a pretty good day/. We struggled a little bit with the fueling on both stops. It was no fault of the crew, the new equipment just took longer. We have to fix the issues. I think everybody is having the same issues but it took us longer to fuel than others. On the track I think we were competitive with who ever we were running with. Unfortunately we got behind (Neel) Jani at the end. He may have been slower than us but he had a lot of straightaway speed. I don't know where he got it because I was better off the hairpin than he was but he had some speed which eliminated the possibility of getting by him. At least we got the first race behind us and the next one should be better. I know what it's like to drive a while race now and I'm happy to say that I was physically prepared enough to drive a whole race now because I don't feel too bad. I'm pretty happy about that. Certainly I'll be getting a massage the next couple of days. I had a major back cramp."

Ryan Dalziel #28 Pacific Coast Motorsports Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"I am really happy. I think we all did a great job today; the guys gave me great stops. It wasn't easy, it was pretty much a sprint race out there, it was tiring. Overall though, we've made a lot of progress in one weeks time, we've proven that we can contend for top-tens and we ran a mistake free race."

Katherine Legge #11 Dale Coyne Racing Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"Today was a great day after what we went through this weekend. I'm very pleased to be in eighth place in the point's standings after two races and hope to continue the effort next week in Houston."

Tristan Gommendy #22 Pay By Touch-Megaspiera Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"I continue to learn. To lead a Champ Car race, it is a new experience. We use a new setup on the Pay By Touch MegaSpirea PKV Racing car for the race and basically at the beginning of a stint the car was quite good, but at the end of the stint I had a huge understeer (push). I think the biggest thing for me right now is to test, so I can work on the setups and learn more about the car. But, overall I think we have improved...we led the race 13 laps today, which was quite nice. Also, we finished the race and our result is not that bad."

"Speedy Dan" Clarke #4 Ticketmaster/Synapse Power/The Australian Pink Floyd Show Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"After all of the difficulties we've had this weekend, I'm just glad we went the race distance. Had I not made a mistake, we could have had a much stronger finish, but I am glad we are on the pace now, and I feel like testing is finally over. We can go to Houston with much more confidence, and give the team the result it deserves. That's one of the things I have learned during my time in America -- the importance of teamwork -- and I thank all the guys for their effort and loyalty."

Robert Doornbos #14 Muermans/Jumbo Supermarkten/Media Mall Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"It was a disappointing day, obviously. I got a decent start, playing it safe, and then tried to settle into a rhythm. We lost about eight positions at the first pit-stop, when the car stalled. After that, I could never really recover. Late in the race, my car became stuck in gear, but we took the checkered flag to earn as many points as we could. We have next week at Houston to look toward now, so hopefully we can put this one behind us."

Simon Pagenaud #15 Aussie Vineyards Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"For the second race in the season I was running up front with everyone, with Will, Tagliani and Wilson. We were running great and I didn't have any issues with the balance. I was just trying to save as much fuel as I could. I knew we could go a lot faster, but I couldn't get by them. Unfortunately 14 minutes before the end I went in turn eight and was braking at the exact same point, but locked up my rear wheels. I don't know what really happened, but I went in the wall and that was it. We didn't do any damage to the car, but I couldn't fire up the car again. Once we got the car back going, it was great. We did the fastest lap of the race and got a point, which is a step in the right direction. It's great because it means that the Aussie Vineyards car is really fast. I'm happy with the car and my performance and what the team did today."

Alex Figge #29 Imperial Bank Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"I made a rookie mistake and got caught out by the turbo on the opening laps which set me behind throughout the race. I was working on Dan Clarke, I felt like I had a good rhythm going, we were turning consistently good lap times and I was coming into turn nine I clipped the apex of the curb and got unsettled, I missed the tires and went into the wall. I am fine, they gave me a few x-rays and everything is clear. I am definitely going to be sore for a few days, it was a big hit."

Mario Dominguez #7 Telmex/Banca Mifel Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone

"I just made a mistake, I got on the brakes pretty hard and locked up the tires and just lost control of the car. The car was very good up until then, I was just saving a lot of fuel and turning consistent laps. It's really a shame because the Forsythe Team has worked very hard and we had a very good car. But I'll just have to make up for it in Houston now."

-credit: ccws

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