CHAMPCAR/CART: Long Beach: Michel Jourdain Jr race report

Michel Jourdain Jr., ...

Michel Jourdain Jr., #9
Started 13th; Finished 11th.

After joining the RuSPORT team just a few short weeks ago, Gigante driver Michel Jourdain Jr. and his #9 crew pulled together and put forth a respectable Long Beach Grand Prix weekend. Jourdain drove a clean race and put his experience to work to bring home an 11th place result for RuSPORT's debut Champ Car race.

Michel Jourdain Jr.

"It was a hard day. We are in a very hard position with all of the factors that we had to deal with to get the Gigante car on the grid for Long Beach. But now we've done that, and everybody here at RuSPORT is very determined to move forward and start winning. It's very hard with races like this, but we have to be smart and move forward and I know we can do it."

Bruce Ashmore, Race Engineer

"Well I think today was certainly an achievement after only really being together as a complete team for about a week. I can't really remember the last team that's done that and pulled out an overall performance like this. I know if I replayed the weekend, we would have done a few things a bit different, but we take that information and apply it for the next race. Also, now that we have a weekend together under our belts, we'll be able to pick up the speed of progress during a weekend much quicker."

Carl Russo, Team Owner

"I think what we saw from Michel today was a championship driver, and a championship driver that was thrown in at the deep end with a young team. This was all under great pressure and with great expectations from the fans since Michel almost won this race last year. He went out and ran consistent laps, resourceful laps, and drove extremely well to a good finish. Right now what we have to do a team is put points on the board. I think Michel showed why he was a championship contender last year."


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