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Champ Car Hurricane Relief 400 Quotes Sebastien Bourdais ...

Champ Car Hurricane Relief 400 Quotes

Sebastien Bourdais #1 McDonald's Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone:"I was a little bit afraid that it was going to be a tough race, but somehow I was able to stay in the tow of Tracy. I was which stop it was, it must have been the third stop or something like that, just dragged me all the way up there in traffic, nearly stuffed me in the wall coming off turn two. Then I went to the left. Then he dragged me all the way to the left going to the white line. But he stayed there. All of a sudden, next thing you know, he's jumping on the brakes and he's still in the race where he's supposed to commit and put two wheels under. I was so surprised; I didn't even have time to brake before we made contact. I was right in his gearbox. It's a miracle we made it through. Quite a bumpy ride for the McDonald's car. All in all, a very good result for the team. They got the reward for their hard work."

Oriol Servia #2 Pacificare Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "It was good fun. At the beginning of the race, I was saving a little more fuel than both of them, hoping that maybe towards the end and on the third stop there was going to be a yellow on that three-, four-lap difference, then it would have been golden, two laps ahead of everybody. It would have been nice. We're gambling a little bit there. At the end, it was impossible to overtake. We touched wheels also. So I had I think both side pods marked. It was pretty exciting at 200 miles an hour. It was good race, and I'm very happy for the team. 1-2 again. For the championship, I don't know exactly how the points are, but obviously I must be a little better, a little more solid in second place. It's a good weekend thanks to my Pacificare team"

Jimmy Vasser #12 Gulfstream/PKV Racing Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "The guys worked real hard in the two weeks off to get the car put together right, body fit, make it really slippery as possible, a lot of detail work. To be honest, this race is mostly all credit to the guys for all the hard work that they did. Good finish for Gulfstream, Bell Micro, the whole PKV team. We built a new giant trophy case in our shop, and little by little we're filling it up."

Rodolfo Lavin #55 HVM Inc. Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "It was one of the most difficult weekends of my career. We had a gearbox problem and didn't do any laps in the first practice. We were lucky to qualify seventh since that was our first run of the weekend. During the second practice, I unfortunately touched the wall which forced us to go to the spare car which we were struggling with during warm-up because of an electronic problem and the engine was not pulling right. Basically the race was like flipping a coin because we had no idea what to expect with the car. During the race we had a loose car in traffic; it was tough to drive at times. My engineers did a great job, every pitstop we were doing the best we could to adjust the car but we also had some troubles with the radio. At the end, the car was good on sticker tires, the engine was great during the race and on the last lap, and I had saved just one shot of push-to-pass. I was fighting really hard with Alex Tagliani and my teammate Bjorn (Wirdheim). I think Bjorn did an incredible job being his first race on a Superspeedway. He really helped me out this weekend because I did not have much track time. At the end, that final push-to-pass got me past Bjorn and we finished fifth. I am very proud of that result, two top-five finishes in four races is just great for my sponsor Corona and my team HVM."

Bjorn Wirdheim #4 HVM Inc Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "The Liqui Moly car was very good all weekend. While I am proud of running in the top-six and qualifying fifth on my first time out on a Superspeedway, I am extremely disappointed because we should have finished on the podium today. We had a good start and ran really strong, fourth throughout the first stint. I came into the pits in second and left toward the back of the pack because of an air jack problem which cost us a lot of time. I did my best to race back to the front and it looked like we might be in fifth but my teammate and I had a great wire-to-wire finish at the end and we brought it home sixth today."

Timo Glock #8 DHL Global Mail Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "It was a tough race. It was long and a lot of side-by-side racing action. It was a good race overall, though. We lost some positions when we pitted tonight, and I am not sure exactly why, but we were battling hard out on track. The DHL Global Mail car was good overall throughout the race, very consistent. It was fun at the end fighting with cars to earn my eighth place finish. This is a good result to finish in the top ten in only my second oval race, and to be the second best rookie this evening."

Ryan Hunter-Reay #31 Red Paw Systems Inc. /Rocketsports Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "It was a long weekend at the start because we had such a slow pace from the car. I am pleased to finish in the top ten considering how things started at this event. The car was loose in traffic, so I had a few close calls. Overall, I am glad to get thru this race and finish with a top ten."

Justin Wilson #9 CDW Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "We had a good start to the race with AJ going high and me going low and we were able to get a good run on a few cars. It got four wide, so I backed out a little bit and got pushed down to the apron. I don't know if I picked up something on my tires or what, but the car was really loose after that early run. It was difficult because we lost a lot of time and ended up losing a lap. The car was much better after our first stop. Near the end I was racing Timo (Glock) and having a good race. Another car made a mistake and nearly put me in the wall; I got up in the marbles and lost three or four places right at the end. It was frustrating but that's racing."

A.J. Allmendinger #10 Intel Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "The car wasn't spectacular in the race but I think my guys did a good job getting the car as good as it could get. On new tires, the car was awesome but as my runs went on, the car would get loose on me. So I had to make all of my moves early on and then basically hang on until the next pit stop. I don't know what happened with running out of fuel, but it was really frustrating because I think we had a car with fourth or fifth place potential."

Andrew Ranger #27 Tide/Mi-Jack Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "It's was a tough race, my longest one. I tried hard and did the best I could with the car. The team worked really hard to give me a good car, but during the race I had a lot of over steer and that's not good for here. I want to thank the Mi-Jack Conquest team for the hard work and the good pit stops. It's my first super speedway, I'm really glad I finished the race and I just want to think about the next one. I will be fighting hard for a good result."

Nelson Philippe #34 Wellbox Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "Definitely not a weekend to remember. Lots of experience, good ones and bad ones.. It's been a long time since I made a mistake and tonight a made a stupid one. I take full responsibility for it and I'm sorry for Wellbox team that worked very hard on my car. The car was not so good at the beginning of the race, and then it was getting better and better. I passed Da Matta and everything was going fine. Later, I got caught up when leaving my pit and I lost control. It's a shame; we could have finished on the top ten. Let's think about the next race."

Ronnie Bremer #19 American Medical Response Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: ""There was some confusion waving me into the pitbox and I made a mistake coming into the pits and very unfortunately hit one of my crew members. We had a good race going. We struggled with the car a little bit all weekend but we were running strong during the first stint. It is very disappointing for the Roshfrans Rookie of the Year battle and of course a disappointing day for my team and sponsor AMR. I am thankful my crewman is ok and I am sorry for the incident."


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