CHAMPCAR/CART: Houston PacWest Friday practice notes and quotes



Position: 15th Time: 114.030s Laps: 21 Speed: 74.256mph

"We've had a pretty good car all day," said Dixon. "We decided to go out in the rain this afternoon just so we could learn a few things about the car under wet conditions. I'm satisfied with what we were able to accomplish, as well as with our wet weather set-up, so we packed it in early. Overall the track is pretty dirty. When I got out of my car, the white sidepods were brown. After one lap I couldn't see, so I had to keep wiping my visor with my gloves just to avoid hitting something. Anyway, things went reasonably well and we'll be ready for qualifying tomorrow."


Position: 6th * Time: 101.658s * Laps: 26 * Speed: 89.156mph *

"We need to make a few more changes to my car to evaluate things under dry conditions and unfortunately we didn't get to do that this afternoon because of the rain," said Gugelmin. "There was really no need for us to run in the rain, especially since it's supposed to be dry for the rest of the weekend, so we sat out the afternoon session. My car is good, and my set-up is good as well. I do know that the track is really dirty and the bumps seem to be as strong as in years past, but I'm excited for qualifying tomorrow and racing well Sunday."

[*Mauricio's statistics based on morning practice session only - under dry conditions]


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