CHAMPCAR/CART: Homestead Saturday Track Notes

As the date with the Green Flag for Qualifying approaches, the Southeast wind blowing down the front straight has again built to a sustained 15-20 mph. This proved problematic for the drivers yesterday coming out of Turn 2. Today's session will ...

As the date with the Green Flag for Qualifying approaches, the Southeast wind blowing down the front straight has again built to a sustained 15-20 mph. This proved problematic for the drivers yesterday coming out of Turn 2. Today's session will allow the drivers up to three times by the Start/Finish line before clocking and official lap. The Qualifying Order is established by the combined times from this weekend with the fastest drivers making their attempts last. The official track qualifying record is held by Greg Moore from his 1998 run of 217.541 mph (24.856 seconds). GREEN FLAG waves at 1:30 p.m. to start Qualifying for Sunday's Marlboro Grand Prix of Miami Presented by Toyota.

#25 GARCIA Jr.'s top speed: 180.204 mph; 30.006 seconds, second lap.

#19 KUROSAWA's top speed: 199.065 mph; 27.163 seconds, second lap.

#16 JOURDAIN Jr.'s top speed: 201.829 mph; 26.791 seconds, second lap

#27 FRANCHITTI's top speed: 201.746 mph; 26.802 seconds, second lap.

#26 TRACY's top speed: 202.950 mph; 26.643 seconds, first lap.

#96X SERVIA's top speed: 201.837 mph; 26.790 seconds, second lap.

#10 FONTANA's top speed: 201.957 mph; 26.774 seconds, first lap.

#97 da MATTA's top speed: 138.997 mph; 38.994 seconds, first lap. As da MATTA came off Turn 4, the car loses power and coasts across the Start/Finish Line, stalling at Pit Out at the bottom of Turn 1 with an engine problem. CART safety workers tow the car to Pit Road. Da MATTA will be allowed to re-qualify if time remains before the 3 p.m. scheduled end of qualifying but will only receive one lap. The crew is currently evaluating whether to ready the secondary car for another attempt.

#17 GUGELMIN's top speed: 202.184 mph; 26.744 seconds, first lap.

#18X BLUNDELL's top speed: No Speed. YELLOW FLAG waves at 1:57 p.m. after BLUNDELL loses traction exiting Turn 4 and makes hard contact with the outside wall. BLUNDELL keeps the car sliding against the wall and finally comes to a stop halfway between the Start/Finish line and Turn 1. A brief fire breaks out at the rear of the car as the driver exits the car under his own power. BLUNDELL is uninjured in the incident. BLUNDELL's team will be allowed to qualify the secondary car but will only receive on qualifying lap.

GREEN FLAG waves at 2:09 p.m. to resume qualifying.

#32 CARPENTIER's top speed: 205.495 mph; first lap.

# 3 CASTRO-NEVES' top speed: 205.847 mph; second lap.

#34 SALLES's top speed: 205.722 mph; 26.284 seconds; second lap.

# 5 NAKANO's top speed: 203.861 mph; 26.524 seconds; second lap.

#12 VASSER's top speed: 205.730 mph; 26.283 seconds, second lap.

#33X TAGLIANI's top speed: 207.061 mph; 26.114 seconds; second lap.

#20 MORENO's top speed: 206.098 mph; 26.236 seconds; first lap.

#55 KANAAN's top speed: 204.153 mph; 26.486 seconds; first lap.

#40 FERNANDEZ's top speed: 207.634 mph; 26.042 seconds; first lap.

# 2 de FERRAN's top speed: 208.434 mph; 25.942 seconds; second lap.

#11X FITTIPALDI's top speed: 205.793 mph; 26.275 seconds; first lap.

# 6 ANDRETTI's top speed: 206.579 mph; 26.175 seconds; first lap.

#7X PAPIS's top speed: 204.570 mph; 26.432 seconds; first lap. As PAPIS enters Turn 4, the car breaks traction and PAPIS executes a brilliant save, coming inches from the wall at speed. The car is still in one piece, but the second qualifying lap was ruined.

# 1 MONTOYA's top speed: 208.434 mph; 25.942 seconds, second lap.

# 8 BRACK's top speed: 206.808 mph; 26.146 seconds, second lap.

#97X da MATTA starts his second qualifying attempt at 2:47 p.m. Da MATTA's top speed: 201.221 mph; 26.872 seconds; first and only lap.

#18 BLUNDELL starts his second qualifying attempt at 2:50 p.m. BLUNDELL's top speed: 203.156 mph; 26.616 seconds; first and only lap.

GIL de FERRAN wins the Pole Position for Sunday's Marlboro Brand Prix of Miami Presented by Toyota by virtue of his 208.434-mph, 25.942-second lap. De FERRAN's Marlboro-sponsored Team Penske Honda earns de FERRAN his seventh career pole (second on an oval), squeaking by MONTOYA by .006 seconds (.273 mph). This is the first Pole for de FERRAN since Japan in early 1999. De FERRAN now has three top-three starts in five career appearances at Homestead-Miami Speedway. This also represents the first Team Penske Pole win since Paul Tracy snagged the honor for the team at Milwaukee in 1997.

JUAN MONTOYA will start second in Sunday's race in the Target/Chip Ganassi Racing Toyota Lola. This represents MONTOYA's ninth career front-row start, seven of those starts were Pole Positions. MONTOYA started eighth here at Homestead-Miami Speedway last year.

ADRIAN FERNANDEZ lines up third in his Tecate-sponsored Patrick Racing Ford Reynard. This represents FERNANDEZ's third consecutive top-five start at Homestead-Miami Speedway. FERNANDEZ started second last year and fifth in 1998.

de FERRAN's Pole win represents the 41st Pole for Honda since the manufacturer entered CART competition in 1994.

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