CHAMPCAR/CART: Gold Coast qualifying press conference

Drivers: Robert Moreno Gil de Ferran Crostiano da Matta Gil de Ferran: - I knew I had to get out and do the first set, come in change tyres and go again. there was no time to wait or anything like that. I have to say, with the first set, I...

Drivers: Robert Moreno Gil de Ferran Crostiano da Matta

Gil de Ferran:
- I knew I had to get out and do the first set, come in change tyres and go again. there was no time to wait or anything like that. I have to say, with the first set, I didn't do the best job, I didn't get the best lap out of the tyres and got a little crossed up here and there, and the second set, a little wing change, the tyres took a little bit longer to come in, but when they came in, the car was really handling well. I got my 92.4 on and I thought, that's good, I was kind of happy about that, but I kept going, I went through the first two chicanes, and the first left hander there, we got split times, and I was on a very good lap, but then it went red, because of Carpentier, and that was it. Thats just the way it goes. Moreno did a very good job at the end, I mean he was under tremendous pressure with time and all that the car is good and we are looking forward to tomorrow.

Cristiano Da Matta:
After watching the first session, I was very concerned about red time. I had a good car in my hands, I knew since this morning. We made a mistake, after the first session, we thought we were only goning to have the 20 minutes, so i did my first run, I stopped and went out on my second set of tyres, and I thought that was the end of the session, when Papis crashed, I didn't have enough time to put temperature and everything on my tyres. Towards the end, I went out, and my tyres were already three laps. I didn't have the edge on the new tyres. I think I have a good car. Of course, I wanted to fight for the pole with the other two gentlemen here. After bad mid season we had, we seem to be picking up the pace since the two European races, we just couldn't get it right. I think this weekend we are looking better than all the other weekends.

Roberto Moreno (Wearing the typical Austalian Akurba hat, in a very bad Australian accent)

"Yeh, G'day mate, grab a couple of beers and a couple of sheilas, go and get pissed" Thats my Australian background.

Q: Well Australia's always been good to you, your three time australian grand Prix champion.

Moreno: Yeh, My very first big win was at Calder Park in '81, beating Nelson Piquet and Alan Jones, world champion, coming from formula three and racing formula atlantics, I went on to win three more, beating guys like Niki Lauda, and Keke rosburg, so Australia has been really good to my career, and on top of that a couple of guys have back in the past,Greg Siddle, most of you from australia might know he is called Peewee, and Ron Toromac had a lot to do with my career. Ron was a guy that with Jack Brabham, was building cars, and Ron was the guy supporting me in the first couple of years in my career, financially and putting me in the right car. Peewee was the guy that if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be racing. So, I would like to dedicate this Pole for Greg Siddle and Ron Toromac, because they deserve and they are responsible for me to be racing. Also very happy to be part of the 100th pole for Firestone, and apparently this is my 100th grand prix, uuuu, cart start in my career. So although I am getting old I still have a young spirit and I am still up for the cheques.

Q: Roberto take us through the first session, did you think you had a potential pole sitting car, were there a lot of tweaks to the car between sessions?

Moreno- Well, this morning we started with a car that was OK. We changed maybe five different things, the circuit got better and we anticipated that and it worked really well for us. In the session, we did one change, didn't like it., so the mechanics went back on it. On my first set of tyres, unfortunately I caught Paul Tracy, and I had to back of it, so I knew I had some more out of that car. It was good at the end. It was good to have a lap at the end, cause the circuit always goes better, quicker, so we made the most out of it.

Q: Roberto, before jimmy had his incident in the first session, he was the fastest guy. Did you take any information from him?

Moreno: This morning, my engineer and myself, we had a better car and Jimmy followed what we did this afternoon and it worked out for him. He made one more change that worked for him so we followed up on that. It comes to show what I've been suffering the whole first part of the season, being in the slow session. My crashing in the first race in Mexico put me on the slow session and handicapped me for many many races. It comes to show that since Vancouver we got in the quick session, its paying off for us.

Q: Roberto, you were clearly ecstatic when you drove back into the pit lane. Was that a big surprise for you to win a pole.

Moreno: I dont think it was a surprise, because we are competitve and we are always pushing. We never knnow if we can beat it. We are excited because all the work we put in bewhind has paid off. Thats what we're here for. Its been a while since we've been on pole. With these two sessions, its very very improtant to be on the quick group.

Q: Jimmy actually picked you as the potential pole sitter, he was a bit frustrated by all the reds, you seem to have a very potent team for tomorrow?

Moreno: Yeh for sure, The cars are working well. Would be good if we can play different strategies, because you never know how this race goes. Sometimes a yellow play favour for the other guys up at the back, sometimes they play in favour of the guys winning the races. We'll try to do our best at the end and celebrate after that hopefully.

Q: Gil, with your position on the grid, your looking good for your title prospects.

de Ferran: yeh. It's looking good, but you know, last year I thought the same thing and I didn't make it past the first turn. We got to take one step at a time. This race is notoriously unpredictable, Like Moreno was saying the yellow can really play havoc with the stategy so, we're not taking anything for granted. Its looking ok for now but we got to make it past the first turn and see how things will go.

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