CHAMPCAR/CART: Gold Coast PacWest Race Notes

Mauricio Gugelmin, ...

Mauricio Gugelmin, #17 Hollywood PacWest Mercedes-Benz Started; 9th Finished- 26th (DNF-Transmission)

"We had some kind of gearbox oil leak at the start of the race. All of a sudden I had a lot of wheel spin, and it was because the oil was spraying on the right rear tire. I did one lap until the gearbox ran out of oil. Its very frustrating because we had an excellent car all weekend, I was ready to go for it, but it just wasn't our day."

Mark Blundell #18 Motorola PacWest Mercedes-Benz Started: 23rd Finished: 19th (DNF - Contact)

"We had a very good race car today. Actually, we had a good car all weekend, but for a number of reasons we didn't get a lot of running time. The car was well-balanced and we had the pace - we just couldn't get by people in traffic. Once I got clear, the car was very fast,"

(On the contact with Naoki Hattori): "I'm disappointed with the deal with Hattori. He made a mistake in Turn 7 and I capitalized on that. I had the next corner, and he turned in. He didn't do himself any favors, because he ended up taking us both out."

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Drivers Mauricio Gugelmin , Mark Blundell , Naoki Hattori