CHAMPCAR/CART: Frod Racing Chicago Friday notes

Kenny Brack posted the quickest time in Friday's practice for Sunday's Grand Prix at the Chicago Motor Speedway. Brack lapped the 1-mile circuit in 22.557 seconds (164.224), ahead of Cristiano da Matta (22.677 seconds; 163.355 mph) who was ...

Kenny Brack posted the quickest time in Friday's practice for Sunday's Grand Prix at the Chicago Motor Speedway. Brack lapped the 1-mile circuit in 22.557 seconds (164.224), ahead of Cristiano da Matta (22.677 seconds; 163.355 mph) who was second-fastest and Helio Castroneves (22.691 seconds; 163.254 mph) who was third. Other Ford drivers posting times in the top 10 included Max Papis (22.720 seconds; 163.046), who set the fourth-quickest time of the day (morning session), Roberto Moreno, who was eighth-quickest (22.846 seconds; 162.147 mph) and Adrian Fernandez, who was 10th-quickest (22.890 seconds; 161.835).

Christian Fittipaldi crashed during the morning practice session and will miss Sunday's race. Fittipaldi made heavy contact with the wall in turn two, temporarily lost consciousness and was transported to the hospital where he underwent a CAT scan before being released. Newman-Hass elected not to find a substitute driver for Fittipaldi, and the #6 Big Kmart/Texaco/Havoline Ford-Cosworth will not run in Sunday's race.

KENNY BRACK (#8 Shell Ford-Cosworth) - 1st in practice - TALK ABOUT THE CONDITIONS AND HOW COMFORTABLE YOU FELT WITH THE PACKAGE. "I think that we ran a successful test here a few weeks ago, and we've carried on from there really. The track hasn't changed that much for us we don't believe; small changes here and there, the weather of course and stuff like that, but nothing major. The car felt pretty much like it did during the test, so we're just trying to fine tune here and there."

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT THE WING PACKAGE? "Well, it's for sure not going to be as exciting a race as it was at Michigan, that's for sure. We tried another wing here during the test and I think the majority of the drivers felt that it would they probably wouldn't benefit as much from it as maybe we thought we would because that was the reason we tried it. So we've decided to stay with what we had and I don't think that there'll be a lot of side by side racing. But I could be wrong. I think last year there was good racing, but I think this year will be a little harder. I think you'll see the 1-mile oval syndrome here too. I don't think it'll be that much different."

ADRIAN FERNANDEZ (#40 Tecate/Quaker State Ford-Cosworth) - 10th in practice - WHO WAS THE CAR? "It was okay. We tried a few things and are very close. We had a few problems with the set up for the second practice, but we didn't have enough time at the end to try them out. We're getting there, and hopefully we'll have it ready for tomorrow."

WERE THE TRACK CONDITIONS CHANGING DURING THE DAY? "A little bit. But in a way it has been consistent so it hasn't bothered us too much."

ALEX TAGLIANI (#33 Player's Ford-Cosworth) - 11th in practice - "We're pretty pleased with the car. We did some changes on the mapping of the engine; the Ford power was good. We also did some changes on the wings. We tried to find a balance and it worked pretty good at the end."

PATRICK CARPENTIER (#32 Player's Ford-Cosworth) -14th in practice - "At the beginning the car was very fast, I liked it. We had a bit of a problem, so I parked the car on the side (of the track). I don't know what it was; I just ran to the backup. Then we took the other car and it was not good."

YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM WAS ON THE FIRST CAR? "I don't know if it was either engine or gearbox, but I cannot tell what it was. But with the second one we had popoff valves and instability, plus the car was really bad. But I don't know what it was. We had a suspension problem going on and I couldn't turn. I was a second slower than in the second car than I was in the first car, so we'll see what it was."

MICHAEL ANDRETTI (#6 Big Kmart/Texaco/Havoline Ford-Cosworth) - 19th in practice "In my opinion it was a big mistake to come with the higher downforce wings, but that's what the drivers wanted and they'll be complaining about it after the race, I guarantee you."

SO YOU DIDN'T WANT THE HIGH DOWNFORCE WINGS? "No, I wanted the low downforce wings because then you would've been able to pass, but you're not going to be able to pass with these wings. Big mistake."

"The car is not good at all right now. We're struggling. But we've just got to keep trying. It's not magic, you know. We're just missing that one element somewhere and we've just got o find it."

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