CHAMPCAR/CART: Ford Racing Toronto Post Race Notes

MICHAEL ANDRETTI -6- K Mart/Texaco/Havoline Ford-Cosworth - Started 3rd/Finished 26th/Contact - GOING BACK TO THE START OF THE RACE, DID YOU HAVE A PROBLEM? YOU LOST QUITE A FEW POSITIONS. . . "On the start of the race (Paul) Tracy got up on...

MICHAEL ANDRETTI -6- K Mart/Texaco/Havoline Ford-Cosworth - Started 3rd/Finished 26th/Contact - GOING BACK TO THE START OF THE RACE, DID YOU HAVE A PROBLEM? YOU LOST QUITE A FEW POSITIONS. . . "On the start of the race (Paul) Tracy got up on the inside of me and knocked me off line and everyone went right by me. CAN YOU DESCRIBE THE INCIDENT WITH GREG MOORE THAT PUT YOU OUT OF THE RACE? "I locked the rear tires and I couldn't stop. I was just hanging in there and Greg was going slow so I was starting to set up a pass. Greg went to block to the left and I stood on the brakes and locked them up because I got into the draft (from Moore's car) and it took the air off my front wing and I hit him in the back. It was very similar to what Fernandez did to me at Elkhart Lake." YOU WERE BATTLING A BIG UNDERSTEER DURING THE EARLY STAGES OF THE RACE. DID THAT CONTRIBUTE TO THE INCIDENT? "Yes. Very early there was but then the car went loose. So the car really wasn't perfect today." WHAT PUT YOU OUT OF THE RACE? "My front wing was sitting on the ground." HOW BIG OF A BLOW IS THIS TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP? "It hurts but it is definitely not crippling."

CHRISTIAN FITTIPALDI -11- Big Kmart Ford-Cosworth - Started 5th/Finished 3rd - "I am very happy to get the points today. This really tightens up the championship. We have just been putting together some very consistent efforts this year. With Juan (Montoya) not finishing it really tightens up the championship but I am sure he will be back strong at the next race. As far as the race is concerned we are happy with the outcome and the points. I got held up a by P.J. Jones and another time by Dennis Vitolo. Both Gil and I had a lead on Tracy, I believe, and Vitolo was running a little slow at a place where he shouldn't be which eliminated the lead I had on Tracy. That changed my race a little bit. I think we could have finished second and given Dario a run." WHAT IS THE BIG DIFFERENCE IN YOU TEAM THIS YEAR? YOU ARE RUNNING UP FRONT AND MORE CONSISTENTLY EACH RACE. . . "I really don't know. That's a good question. Nothing has changed with the team but for some reason things seem to go our way. Am I driving any different? No. Do I have more confidence? Yes. With the results we are getting there is no reason for me not to be more confident. So that helps a little bit. But there isn't really any difference between this year and last year it's just that we managed to put a few more races together and finish strong. We basically finished every race this year. No one is running into me and I am not running into cars."

ADRIAN FERNANDEZ -40- Tecate/Quaker State Ford - Started 23rd/Finished 6th - YOU MANAGED TO MAKE UP 17 POSITIONS THROUGHOUT THE RACE GOING FROM STARTING 23RD TO FINISHING 6TH. . . "Well we started with our back up car and it only had a few laps in it which could have been a disaster. It was setup okay but I didn't know how good it was. We made some changes for the race. I tell you, when you start passing people during the race it really gave me a lot of confidence. I was making a lot of passes and gaining confidence all day. At the end we didn't have a good set of tires. They were a very old set of tires. I tried to pass Kanaan but I didn't have the tires. I think we could have finished fourth but we lost a few spots in the pits. But my guys did a great job all day and I am happy for the team. To drive the car from 23rd and finish sixth was a great accomplishment. It was a tough day but a rewarding one."

P.J. JONES -20- Visteon Ford-Cosworth - Started 20th/Finished 10th - "Today was good because we got some points. It was nice to at least get a run in. Adrian had a good run too so it was a good day for Patrick Racing. I stayed out of trouble and tried to make up some positions in the pits. The guys in the pits did a great job. Jim McGee too, he called a great race." YOU AND JIMMY VASSER HAD QUITE A BATTLE GOING FOR ABOUT FOUR OR FIVE LAPS TOWARD THE END OF THE RACE. . . "I was not very good under braking and I had a left tire lock up which flat spotted the tire. So that didn't help any either. I just was not very good under braking."

PATRICK RACING NOTE - Adrian Fernandez and P.J. Jones combined made up 27 total positions in today's Molson Indy Toronto -- Equivalent to the number of participants competing in today's race.

BRYAN HERTA -8- Shell Ford-Cosworth - Started 9th/Finished 15th - "We had a car that was capable of much greater. The spin early in the race killed us though. It really put us in a hole. We were one of the two or three fastest cars on the track but I was having difficulty passing out there. Every time I would put a quick lap together I would hit traffic and not be able to get by. I could race with anyone out there it's just too bad we didn't have the chance to show it."

MAX PAPIS -7- Miller Lite Ford-Cosworth - Started 18th/Finished 5th - "We just need to keep this momentum and move forward. We made up a lot of positions again today and that is a testament to the hard work of the Miller Lite team. We are doing a good job right now and I think the team is really showing the potential we have. I enjoyed tremendously the battle I had with Montoya on the track." WHAT HAPPENED WITH MONTOYA? "It was a tough battle and he tried to get by me as hard as he could. It was a tough battle but it was clean."

MICHEL JOURDAIN, JR -19- Herdez Viva Mexico Ford-Cosworth - Started 19th/Finished 23rd - ON THE INCIDENT WITH JUAN MONTOYA . . ."I think we had a car capable of scoring points today. When Juan Pablo (Montoya) passed me he made a mistake after that which allowed me to pass him back. When he went to pass me I gave him room, I respected him but he didn't respect me. He didn't give me the inside. I don't think it was my fault but I am sure he thinks it was my fault."

DENNIS VITOLO -71- Tang Ford-Cosworth - Started 27th/Finished 18th - "Our gearbox broke. We lost fourth gear and I tried to drive it without fourth gear but it was difficult. I had to jump from third to fifth. Something else went in the gearbox shortly after. I think it may have been as a result of the bits from fourth gear. So at that point we were done for today."

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