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TEAM RAHAL AND PLAYER'S FORSYTHE POST FOUR FASTEST PRACTICE TIMES - Team Rahal drivers Kenny Brack and Max Papis were the two fastest drivers during Friday's practice at Michigan International Speedway (MIS), followed closely by Player's Forsythe...

TEAM RAHAL AND PLAYER'S FORSYTHE POST FOUR FASTEST PRACTICE TIMES - Team Rahal drivers Kenny Brack and Max Papis were the two fastest drivers during Friday's practice at Michigan International Speedway (MIS), followed closely by Player's Forsythe teammates Patrick Carpentier and Alex Tagliani. Brack was the fastest driver on the day with a lap of 31.809 seconds (226.351 mph), while Papis was fastest in the afternoon and second-fastest overall with his lap of 31.853 seconds (226.038 mph). Carpentier set the third-quickest lap of the day during the morning session (31.917 seconds; 225.585 mph), while his teammate Alex Tagliani was second fastest during the afternoon and fourth-fastest overall with his lap of 31.989 seconds (225.077 mph).

KENNY BRACK (#8 Shell Ford-Cosworth) - Fastest during Friday's practice - "We've done a good job today, but it's still early yet. These times are always set in the draft, so for qualifying tomorrow I would guess that nobody really knows where they are right now. We're trying to replicate the race situation right now, running behind other cars to see where our balance is, but I think we're pretty good right now." CAN YOU EVER GET OUT OF THE DRAFT NOW WITH THE NEW WING? "No, not in a race situation because you're always going to have the turbulence and drafting on the track, but the main thing is to have a stable car in those conditions." WHAT WAS IT LIKE OUT THERE TODAY, ESPECIALLY WITH THE CONDITIONDS AND CONSIDERING THAT NOT TOO MANY PEOPLE GOT A LOT OF LAPS THIS MORNING? "This morning was cut short when Roberto [Moreno] has his accident, and then this morning I thought the track was a little slippery. Our car was not running as good as it was this morning when we started the session, but the track came to us in the middle of the session. It's also got to do with the different rubber put down by the ARCA carS, but I think the car had a nice balance at the end of today's session, so we'll carry that into tomorrow and see where we end up."

MAX PAPIS (#7 Miller Lite Ford-Cosworth) - Second-fastest during Friday's practice - SINCE THIS IS THE LAST CART RACE AT MIS FOR A WHILE, DO YOU FEEL LIKE THIS TRACK OWES YOU SOMETHING? "To tell you the truth I don't feel like this track owes me anything because it actually helped my credibility tremendously. I just feel like I would really like to win a 500-mile race and this is the first opportunity of the season. For me being European, Kenny [Brack] won the Indy 500 and for sure he knows what it means, but it's a special feeling because it's the American race for me. I just hope that on Sunday that there'll be a lot of people watching the show that we're going to produce because I think it's going to be very special."

PATRICK CARPENTIER (#32 Player's Forsythe Ford-Cosworth) - Third-fastest during Friday's practice - DID YOU STRUGGLE THIS AFTERNOON? "Well, we didn't struggle this afternoon because we were working on our race set ups during the second session. I refused to put new tires on and just ran with really old tires for the whole afternoon and I was actually waiting on the track for some cars to come by so I could see what it would be like in traffic. I am really happy right now, I think we have a really strong race car and I feel like I can run anywhere on the track." YOU'VE DONE WELL HERE THROUGHOUT YOUR CAREER, SO DO YOU FEEL CONFIDENT ABOUT THE RACE ON SUNDAY? "Yeah, I'm very confident. I know what kind of car I need for the race and I know what work we need to do, so that's why this afternoon we didn't care. My time was good enough from this morning to keep us up there and I'm very happy. We'll go for it in qualifying tomorrow and for the race we should be very good because the car is very strong."

ALEX TAGLIANI (#33 Player's Forsythe Ford-Cosworth) - Fourth-fastest during Friday's practice - "I'm really pleased with what we accomplished today. The engine ran beautifully, which is important because this is a big horsepower track, and we changed back and forth between the primary and the backup cars and were quick in both. We worked a lot on race set up and right now the car is pretty stuck, improving from the morning when the track conditions have deteriorated is very good, so we're pleased." WHAT'S IT LIKE OUT THERE WITH ALL THE TURBULENT AIR? "Turbulence is definitely affecting the downforce and grip on the track, but I would say that it's the same for everybody and the speeds are much slower than in the past." COMINIG OFF YOUR FINISH IN TORONTO LAST WEEKEND, DO YOU AND THE TEAM FEEL LIKE YOU'RE GAINING SOME MOMENTUM? "I think the team got a lot of confidence out of our second place finish in Toronto, but I said that the team was stronger this year and the car was faster on the road courses. It was tough to convince everybody because we didn't put a result in the bank or score a podium finish, but we just need a little more luck, continued good reliability and I think we'll continue to see some good results."

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