CHAMPCAR/CART: Fernandez Racing Sneak Preview Sunday notes

Adrián Fernández, ...

Adrián Fernández, #51 Tecate/Quaker State/Telmex Honda/Lola/Bridgestone:

Status: Missed half of the morning session with an exhaust leak and an off-course incident that resulted in minor damage to the front wing end plate.

"It was a tough weekend. We didn't really have time to do much. We had too many little things that took away track time. When we were out, there were a lot of red flags and we couldn't put a lap together. It's frustrating because I feel the car is capable of being in the 69's with no problem. It's one thing to say it and the other to do it. At the end of the session we were trying to do it, but there were just too many reds. I am still very optimistic and we just have to keep working through the little problems that a new combination faces. You hope that you will not have problems, but that's living in a dream world. Basically, it was a frustrating weekend but it's early days, and we have another test coming up next week at Homestead."

Shinji Nakano, #52 Alpine/Mitsuba Honda/Lola/Bridgestone:

Status: Was running in the top-10 before a driveshaft problem ended his morning practice session an hour early. Spun into the gravel trap in Turn Two at the end of the afternoon practice session.

"The car was getting better and we made a lot of improvements. This was our first session without a problem this weekend. Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to use new tires at the end. I had problem with the gearbox or clutch ^Ö we are not sure yet. I couldn't get the car in gear in the corner and I spun. We are still learning a new package but the good news is that we are making good progress. We are going in the right direction."

Tom Anderson, Co-owner/Managing Director:

"Overall, I'm pleased with the weekend. I expected to be off the pace because we are a little bit behind in the development of the new chassis and this is only our second major test. It gives us a good baseline and understanding. I was really pleased that both cars were able to run the entire session this afternoon. There were no mechanical problems which had plagued us in the earlier sessions. Reliability is the key to any championship. Shinji ran over 160 miles today so I'm pleased with that. Adrian had a few problems this morning, but we were back on track this afternoon and we were able to get a complete session in today. We need to go to Homestead next week and give Don [Halliday] and Adrian some time to work on the car and take this forward to Monterrey.

"I'm really happy with Honda and the performance of the boost control that they are working with to get total power back at 34 inches. It's a big test for them and I'm pleased with their progress. I'm also happy with the tires, which will be the same ones we will use at Monterrey. The Bridgestone engineers are pretty pleased with their performance, and we're looking forward to getting a lot of grip in Monterrey. They are up to the challenge, and we are looking forward to going to Mexico."


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