CHAMPCAR/CART: Edmonton: Saturday qualifying quoteboard

Sebastien Bourdais ...

Sebastien Bourdais #1 McDonald's Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"Well, I think when you look at the charts, it could have been any of us in the center. So it's good to put the McDonald's car in this position. It's very good for tomorrow. I think obviously, you know, there's a lot to be said about track position here. I'm just glad we got it. No, I think, you know, I was going a little quicker, was 2/10ths up on my lap time, then lost it going into turn five. I think just about everybody made mistakes. As Paul said, it was pretty broken up, the session. We just got lucky that we could put one good lap on the first run, been able to match it on the second, but not quite where we would have liked it to be. It's going to resume now in the race with a car that we're pretty happy with. But it looks like both of our opponents are very satisfied with their race car, too. It should be a pretty frantic pace tomorrow. We know how tough it is around here. If it's flat-out racing tomorrow for 85 laps, be sure to see a lot of mistakes."

Paul Tracy #3 Indeck Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"Well, we thought the session could be pretty choppy. I ended up causing the first red. That was a little bit frustrating. We had an electronics failure, a voltage regulator go bad. The dashboard went crazy with lights. The no-lift shift stopped working and the car wasn't shifting properly. I was trying to complete a lap on it that way to see what kind of a time we could do. I locked up the gearbox, had the thing spin around on me. The crew did a great job fixing the car. We had to replace the rear wing. Lost our quick time. Went back out and had to do two laps to qualify second. One that was taken away was quick enough for pole. Kind of a mixed fortune today. Overall, pretty satisfied with how we bounced back and ended up on front row."

Justin Wilson #9 CDW Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"It went quite well. You know, not quite as good as we were hoping. We thought we had a bit more potential in the car and in myself. I overdid it a couple of times, got carried away. Got held up. It just didn't quite fall into place. I think we've got a very good race car. We were able to go just as quick on used tires as we can on new tires. We feel we've got everything in the right place. It's just a matter of making no mistakes in the race now."

A.J. Allmendinger #7 Indeck Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"I don't think we had enough for pole but I think we probably could've been quick enough for third. I'm a little frustrated because I didn't get everything out of the car, but the Forsythe team always seems to get it perfect for the race so I'm confident that we'll be very strong, and you never know maybe Paul and Sebastien will get together at the start and I'll be leading after turn one!"

Oriol Servia #6 Gulfstream Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"I am just very happy that we were able to improve the Gulfstream -- PKV Racing car and put a good lap together. The big thing this weekend has been traffic and red flags. Today, we had red flags all over the place, but I was still able to get in a good lap. We had a couple of laps that were faster, but I couldn't get them finished. The one we did finish was a decent lap and put us in fifth position again and from fifth we can definitely have a good race. I am also extremely that we were able to continue the momentum we have established in qualifying over the last three races. The championship is really tough and being able to qualify in the top-five three races in a row it means a lot. It is proof that the PKV Racing team is headed in the right direction and getting closer to the front row."

Nelson Philippe #4 CTE Racing-HVM Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"I am fairly disappointed with qualifying seventh but it's still not a bad result. It was a very weird session with all the red flags and as a result, we were not able to showcase our speed. This is the second race I will start seventh but the good thing is that I am on the inside line so I can make a good start like at Toronto and move up. The top four are very quick but I know we can easily finish within the top five, which is my goal for tomorrow. If we keep our nose clean, we will be there at the end!"

Will Power #5 Aussie Vineyards Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"I just want to thank Team Australia. The guys put in a massive effort. We have such a great team and I'm so lucky to have them. The car felt really good, which made for a great session. In pre-quallifying we found a good setup. The car was a little bit nervous over the bumps, but we made some really good changes which settled it down and made me more confident through the corners. After that it was just a matter of getting laps in. Overall I'm really happy with the whole team effort and I'm really confident for a positive result tomorrow."

Andrew Ranger #27 Tide Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"Once again the team did a good job, we still have to make up time to the leaders but we will work hard tonight and see how the car handles at the start of the race tomorrow. It should go well, we're starting in the top-ten, which is always what I aim for, so that's good. We will have to work hard though, it's not an easy track, and it's very physical. What is important tomorrow is to get passed the first two corners and see how it goes from there."

Bruno Junqueira #2 Newman/Haas Racing Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone/Lola

"I was caught in traffic when I first went out and then it cleared a little and I tried to push hard. The rear end went around a little and I brushed the wall and then brought out the red flag. The toe link was damaged so my session was done and I dropped from third to ninth. It's a shame because I think we could have fought for our second pole of the season. Sebastien won the race from tenth place last year so it's possible to win from mid-field. Anything can happen in this race."

Alex Tagliani #15 Aussie Vineyards Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"Again, today was a bit of a struggle, but we are getting there. The team is working really hard and I know we will get it. Right now we are a little inconsistent and are looking to find a good balance on the car. For tonight, we just need to work hard and focus for a good result tomorrow."

Charles Zwolsman #34 Mi-Jack Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"At the end we finally got a decent lap in with all the red flags, we just missed out by two tenths on P8 so it's very close, I'm just on the wrong side of that group! We are going to fight tomorrow and we seem to be there with a lot of cars in the same times, so it's going to be a big fight. The conditions are pretty difficult, it's a very physical track with the heat and there is a lot grip out on the track, but it's the same for everybody."

Cristiano da Matta #10 RuSPORT Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"Obviously, we're disappointed with 14th place. I think we had the car to do a little better than that. I also think we need to improve a little bit quicker than we've been improving, so far. We'll keep on working hard and see what we can put together for tomorrow."

Katherine Legge #20 Bell Micro Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"I am really disappointed with qualifying today because we have a fast car and we just didn't get in a good lap. It was one of those times where nothing seemed to go our way. It is frustrating because we are a lot faster than seven or eight cars in front of us. This is a tough track to pass on, so it is going to be a challenge for the Bell Micro -- PKV Racing team to go through in the race."

Nicky Pastorelli #8 Bavaria City Racing/Rocketsports Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"Today we did not have a good result. This afternoon did not go as we had expected it to. The track seemed to have changed dramatically from this morning, but then I really wouldn't have known because I only got to run five laps before I spun and made contact, which ended my morning practice session. So with the lack of on track time, several red flags during qualifying, and just not getting in a good run, we are sitting back in the grid farther than I had expected. We will see what happens tomorrow, I think we can still make it a good race and that the #8 Rocketsports car has more to offer out there. In addition, the Bridgestone Potenza Red Tires really seemed to help with the balance of the car, so we will start on those tomorrow and hope for a good race."

Dan Clarke #14 CTE Racing-HVM Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"The rear of the car just stepped out as I came through the last turn and I spun. Unfortunately, I clipped the wall and caused some damage to the car, which ended the qualifying session for me today. I'm obviously disappointed as I'd just put in a solid lap which had put me second quickest at that point. We were fifth fastest this morning, so I think we had the package for a good grid position. Now we are going to focus on putting together a strategy for the race, which takes into account our back of the grid starting position. I know we have the speed, so I'm still confident that with the right strategy we can have a good race tomorrow."

Tonis Kasemets #18 Flexovit Abrasives/Rocketsports Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone

"I am driving the most comfortable Rocketsports car that I have ever driven right now. The balance on the #18 Flexovit Abrasives/Rocketsports car is very good. Another thing I noticed was when I was running on the Bridgestone Potenza Red Tires, it definitely added to the balance of the car, making it easier to drive. We are having a slight issue with the gearbox, but my crew members will work hard to get it solved and I know they will because they are great at what they do. We will see where we are at tomorrow morning during Warm Up and hopefully have a solid racecar for the race in the afternoon."


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