CHAMPCAR/CART: Edmonton: RuSPORT Racing Saturday report

Round 7 of 14 Justin Wilson, ...

Round 7 of 14

Justin Wilson, #9 CDW
A.J Allmendinger #10 Western Union

Reigning Roshfrans Rookie of the Year A.J. Allmendinger secured his first Champ Car career pole position and led the RuSPORT team to its second front- row start of the 2005 season today in the final qualifying for the inaugural Grand Prix of Edmonton. Allmendinger's provisional pole time from yesterday held the top stop as the Finning International Speedway dried from heavy rains during the morning, earning the Californian his 3rd front- row start of the year. A.J. also clocked the fastest time of today, earning him another championship point. Teammate Justin Wilson was on his way to challenging for the pole before a slower car made contact with the #9 CDW car, shortening Wilson's efforts. Justin's time from yesterday also maintained his position of 2nd, marking his 3rd front-row start of 2005.

Justin Wilson "It was a bit disappointing to end the session this way today. You know, from my point of view, I went out, I was behind Sebastien (Bourdais), was quicker than him, so I backed off to leave a gap, and let Timo get past me. That was fine. I just pulled over and let him go. Then I seemed to catch him up pretty easily in the first three or four corners. Into turn five, he slid in there, dropped back, and missed the apex. Going into six, he seemed to slow up and hug the inside. I just presumed he was letting me through. Went casually up the inside into seven and found out that wasn't his plan. We came together at the apex of seven. That ended the session. It was a little bit confusing from my point of view. Like I said, I thought he was leaving the door open. That wasn't what happened. It's still great that we're starting at the front again and we'll again let the race unfold and plan on delivering another top finish for RuSPORT and CDW."

A.J. Allmendinger "It feels amazing, especially after what happened last weekend. You know, I think if I could only do four laps and have the pole like I did today, that would be easy. The session today was obviously crazy. Everybody had to wait until the end to put a lap in. It just worked out in our favor that there were a lot of incidents. It definitely will be exciting tomorrow with my first time starting from the pole and leading in turn one here. My team has given me a great car from the start and we just need to keep our noses clean and drive the Western Union car into victory circle."

Jeremy Dale, Team President "This is a great result for the team, with our second 1-2 of the season, and to have A.J. up there on pole in the Western Union car is a big achievement. The entire team has done a tremendous job preparing for this event and the proof of that is that the RuSPORT cars have been strong since the first session on Friday. The crews are improving their management of each session with every weekend and the results are starting to be reflective of that effort."


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