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Centrix Financial Grand Prix of Denver Presented by Pacificare Post Race Quotes Sebastien Bourdais ...

Centrix Financial Grand Prix of Denver Presented by Pacificare Post Race Quotes

Sebastien Bourdais #1 McDonald's Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "When I saw PT in the wall, I was very surprised because PT makes very few mistakes and that's not the kind of mistake he makes when he's up front like that. I am just glad we won for the second year in a row. It was very important for my McDonald's team, Centrix, and PacifiCare, for everybody."

Mario Dominguez #7 Indeck Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "That was a tough race to say the least. I lost a place on the start to A.J. but was able to get past him pretty quickly into third behind Paul (Tracy) and Sebastien (Bourdais). I could stay close to Sebastien but late in the race I hit the drink button by mistake when I tried to talk on the radio and it squirted water all over the inside of my helmet. My visor started fogging up really badly. During a caution flag I actually took my glove off and was driving with my knee while I wiped off the inside of my visor, but it fogged up again."

AJ Allmendinger #10 Western Union Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "It was a struggle today. The car was pretty good on the first ten laps of the stints, but then it would really go off. The car hasn't been great all weekend and so I was just looking for a top-five finish really, so I'm pretty pleased to be back on track and bring home a podium finish for Western Union and RuSPORT in our home town."

Oriol Servia #2 PacifiCare Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "Not the best race for the PacifiCare team but we managed to gain a position in the standings and move into third. There was contact at the start of the race and I didn't know it but I had a big hole in my sidepod that the team figures lost us 200-300 pounds of downforce which is huge here because of the altitude. That would explain why the race was a real struggle for us. I just couldn't follow the fast guys. When I tried I would push too hard and make a small mistake so I just hung in there and passed cars when I could. Overall we had a mistake free race and I passed cars when I could so it's good to finish fourth and try to be more competitive in Montreal."

Rodolfo Lavin #55 HVM/Lola/Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone: "I am very, very happy. The car was great, it responded very well. The car was especially good the first 10-15 laps on stickers. It was good at the corner entry and exits and under braking, it was great. Later in the stints, I tended to get a lot of understeer but I was still able to set competitive times all day. I am especially pleased with this result since it is only my second race this year and of course my second race with the HVM team. My pitstops were perfect, the team did a fantastic job all day, this result was certainly a group effort and I am excited to take this momentum to Montreal."

Ryan Hunter-Reay #31 Cytomax Sport Drink/Rocketsports Ford- Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "My first stint was what my whole race hinged-on. I avoided trouble at the start and made a few passes. I got into a good rhythm. Later into the run, 10 laps before I pitted, I started having issues with the tire pressures, combined with the long brake pedal, which set us back a few positions. When I came into the pits for my first stop, I couldn't use the pit speed limiter because it was not working. From that stop, we were able to continue the race with no issues. It was just a shame that we lost positions like that. The Rocketsports crew did a great job this afternoon on pit stops, and I would like to thank them for all their hard work. Sixth is not a bad result, considering we started 17th, so overall it was not a bad day."

Ronnie Bremer #19 Medical Response/Dale Coyne Racing Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "We didn't have the car today. It was a good start for us with everyone off, that sent me to the seventh position. Unfortunately the car was really challenging to drive and that sent us to the back. I got lucky a couple of times and hung in there to till the end. It is great to bring home another top-ten finish with Dale Coyne Racing, especially at an important race for our sponsor, AMR. I am happy to be in the top-ten in points and it's great to be just one point out of the lead of the Rookie of the Year title. We got a bit lucky today."

Nelson Philippe #34 Wellbox Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone:"It was a cool race. "Many things happened during the race, but before I talk about the race I want to say that we had a really rollercoaster weekend, with a lot of ups and downs. The whole team congratulated me on my driving and Eric said to keep it up, good job. The team worked very hard as usual, but except for the first practice, we just didn't have the car as best it could be. Right at the start, after the first accident, it touched my front wing but I was able to keep it on there, it was still moving a little bit but it was all right. When we were running in the top ten at the beginning of the race and we had the miscommunication during the pit stop, they didn't really call me in, but I thought they did and I went in. I had a stop-and-hold penalty. I finished 9th, and without the penalty we would have finished 5th or 6th. We still need to work in the car for the next year because definitely we are not strong yet and we are always chasing consistency. Hopefully in Montreal, we can keep it up as its Andrew hometown and we will have a lot of fans coming there."

Andrew Ranger #27 Tide/Mi-Jack Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone:"I think it was a tough race for me but finally I finished one race and I am very happy about that. At the start, in the first corner Alex Tagliani just jumped in front of me and he touched my car and I think that broke the suspension a little bit, because something was wrong. I am not sure but every time I was turning to the right the car was not turning well, and because of that I lost a lot of time trying to stay in my place. Later I got the black flag, got back on track and still finished in the top ten."

Bjorn Wirdheim #4 HVM Inc. Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "Finally, I thought it was going to be our day when I came through the second corner in sixth position. I had a very good car and as soon as I managed to get passed Ranger I was faster than the cars behind me. Our first stop was great, I was sixth and I was feeling very confident. Unfortunately, the team made a technical mistake and brought me in one lap early and that unfortunately, left me a lap down with everyone else on the lead lap. Of course that left me out of contention for a top-six finish. At least we are making consistent progress now each weekend. That gives me a lot of confidence as we go into the next race, which is Montreal and happens to be the only track that we compete on that I have driven on before. I like the Montreal circuit and I feel confident that that will be our weekend instead."

Marcus Marshall #5 Aussie Vineyards Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "I got a great start and everybody was about four cars wide going into the first turn. I could tell something was going to happen and I hung wide then turned in early and was able to miss all the carnage. I made up a lot of places off the start and got up to 11th. During the race I didn't really have the pace I would have liked and it was a really tough trying to hang on -- every lap was like a qualifying lap. I am working very hard behind the wheel to squeeze extra pace out of it. With his experience, Alex is able to get a bit more out of the car. It has been a bit of a struggle for me but everybody at Team Australia has been a huge help so far. I am now really looking forward to Montreal. Alex has told me a lot about the track and been showing me in-car videos -- I really can't wait to drive on that circuit."

Timo Glock #8 DHL Global Mail Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "It goes with out saying, just how disappointed I am. After getting held up on the first lap with the Turn 1 incident, we found ourselves at the back of the field. Then my engineer, David Watson, and team developed a new race strategy and we went from there. I began having problems getting into the third gear on the straight, but the DHL Global Mail car was near perfect halfway through the race. I was able to run quick laps and hold of (Paul) Tracy and that was critical. He was the leader and we saved ourselves from going a lap down. After the last yellow, I was having problems with the tire temperatures. I just took my time, letting them catch up with the car, rather than pushing hard and making a mistake. Then Dominguez came up on me and we were racing hard for third. I was able to hold him off, until third gear went. He got around me and I just tried to keep pushing, but then fourth gear started to go, then fifth. There was nothing I could do but bring the car in. It is so frustrating. My Rocketsports team did such a great job today and really deserved a great finish, but we will move on and try again in Montreal."

Alex Tagliani #15 Aussie Vineyards Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "I am really disappointed with the race start. I have no idea what Cristiano (da Matta) was thinking -- he came charging down the inside on the start where there was no room and ran straight over my front wheel, leapt the curb and hit his team-mate. I really don't know what he was thinking with a move like that -- he basically hit everything that moved at the first corner. I am so disappointed for the team, that was not the way I wanted to celebrate my 100th race in Champ Cars. Team Australia did a brilliant job to get the car back out on the track and we were able to salvage a few points. The car was pretty badly beat up but the guys repaired it as well as they good. The understeer was really bad but being so many laps down, the only thing I could do was keep turning laps and be in a position to pick up some places if other people had trouble. We could have easily had a top five today but it wasn't to be. The Aussie Vineyards team will now set our sights on a great weekend in Montreal -- I can't wait to race back home again in Quebec."

Jimmy Vasser #12 Gulfstream/PVK Racing Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "I guess when you get caught in a tangle in the opening corner you just try and salvage something out of the day. That is what the Gulfstream/PKV Racing team did. The crew did a great job in the pits today getting everything fixed and we ended up with one point. You never know how important that one point will be at the end of the season."

Paul Tracy #3 Indeck Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "I just threw it away. I was frustrated because Timo Glock wouldn't let me past for about five laps in row and Race Control wouldn't make him pull over. When I got close to him I'd lose downforce on my front wings so I couldn't get close enough to pass. I clipped the inside of the corner at Turn 3 and that threw me into the outside wall. There's not much else to say."

Justin Wilson #9 Intel Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "I'm not sure what happened really. I was on the racing line and someone came down on me and then Cristiano (da Matta) came over me. It's really unfortunate that I got caught in the middle of it. I thought the Intel car had a good shot a bringing home a top result. We're going to regroup and look for a better race in Montreal."

Cristiano da Matta #21 Bell Micro/PVK Racing Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone: "From my point of view the Bell Micro/PKV Racing team had a good start to the race. I passed (Oriol) Servia right away. Alex Tagliani was right ahead of me then he moved a little toward the middle of the track leaving me a gap on the right side. I don't know what was happening in front of Tagliani, but when he left me the gap on the inside I went for it. After I was already committed to the inside he started to drive back to the right. After we touched I didn't see anything else because it happened so quick. I don't know if he was trying to avoid something or moved to the right because he saw me coming. I have no idea."


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