CHAMPCAR/CART: Denver: Friday quoteboard


BRUNO JUNQUEIRA (#1 PacifiCare Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):

"I'm very pleased to have single car qualifying here in Denver. Getting the tires up to temperature is tough, even though the Bridgestones are great tires. But if you don't push, you're going slow so it's a compromise. I'm pleased to be back on the pole here. It's very important to start up front and get the point for the championship. The lack of grip on the track is actually due to the altitude and not the racing surface, which makes it difficult for everyone. The track is 29 percent better than last year, according to the engineers. I still have tomorrow and the race though, so there are opportunities to make mistakes."

ADRIAN FERNANDEZ (#51 Tecate/Quaker State/Telmex Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):

"I'm very happy with our performance thus far. The track keeps improving through every session so we really can't complain. If it does in fact rain tomorrow, the track can't improve for us in final qualifying. So far the car has been very consistent, but the track is still coming around. We're always on the edge and we'll just continue that tomorrow."

DARREN MANNING (#15 RAC/Walker Racing Ford-Cosworth/Reynard/Bridgestone):

"I really can't quantify why the Reynards are successful thus far here. We have been making leaps and gaining experience the last few races. But the last few races taught us a lot, especially in Mid-Ohio. Maybe it's the high altitude that's contributing to the overall lack of downforce, evening out the field. We'll have to see tomorrow when everyone gets more laps and up to speed. But as Adrian [Fernandez] said earlier, it's a track that can bite you if you get out of line."

PAUL TRACY (#3 Player's/Indeck Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):

"The whole thing got messed up when Dominguez crashed. I had to run the same tire pressure and at the end it was too high and the car did not have any grip. I guess you can't call this single car qualifying if there are two cars on the track at the same time. It's frustrating. We still have power left in the Player's car, so we will see what we can do tomorrow (Saturday)."

MARIO HABERFELD (#34 Mi-Jack/Conquest Ford-Cosworth/Reynard/Bridgestone):

"First of all we changed the car back to the way it was five or six race ago. We've got a different front-end suspension and are more competitive. This morning they gave me a good car, good to driver and I pushed hard. Being the quickest in a session is always a big deal. With qualifying, I think the temperature related. The tires came in differently, causing a bit more understeer. I'm happy, the top six is a good place to be."

PATRICK CARPENTIER (#32 Player's/Indeck Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):

"I missed a corner by quite a bit at the back of the track and I could not improve. I feel that were are ahead of last weekend when we did not run on Friday afternoon. The car was also understeering too much. We hardly ran this morning because of contact with the wall so Team Player's will have to maximize the track time Saturday morning to improve the car. Qualifying is so important here because there is only one place where you can pass. The rest of the time the car is always turning in and out of corners."

SEBASTIEN BOURDAIS (#2 Lilly/McDonald's Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):

"The car was very loose. We didn't change anything from this morning. The whole session didn't go well for us. Its not a problem with learning the track 0x2022 the layout is simple. The balance of our car needs to be improved. The higher temperature made the car go to a bigger oversteer. We need to improve for tomorrow but its supposed to rain so it won't help us move up if it does."

TIAGO MONTEIRO (#7 Fittipaldi-Dingman Ford-Cosworth/Reynard/Bridgestone):

"A few races ago we would have been very happy with a P8. Even though it's always great to be in the top 10 in qualifying, I'm a bit frustrated because I know we've got more in the car. We just have to sort out a little problem, which we should be able to do quite easily. Nothing's over, we still have the second qualifying tomorrow so we've got lots to do."

ORIOL SERVIA (#20 Visteon/Patrick Racing Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):

"I not very happy with the Visteon/Patrick Racing Team's qualifying effort today. The single car qualifying made it difficult and I don't think we got the most out of the car. It is tough to qualify here with only three laps because the track is so short. The tires are cold to start and when you brake going into the corner you don't know if they are up to temperature. That means you are guessing and risking a lot. The track is definitely improved from last year. The bumps are not as bad, but it is very slippery and we have a lot less downforce because of the altitude. It makes it difficult to get the maximum out of the car, but it is the same for everybody, so you just have to do your best. I think the Visteon/Patrick Racing Team can improve the car a lot for tomorrow and hopefully, it won't rain."

MICHEL JOURDAIN JR. (#9 Gigante/Centrix Financial Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):

"We made big improvements in the Gigante car from this morning. We really improved the balance, but we still have a ways to go. The track is a lot better than last year. They did a lot of work on the track and it is a lot smoother. Grip is the big issue now. The track is very slippery and that will present some problems for us. We lost a bit of track time his morning with a fuel pressure problem due to a loose fitting and that just put us behind from the start today. The problem for us is practice times determined qualifying order and today's qualifying results will determine the order for qualifying tomorrow. We have our work cut out for us now."

MARIO DOMINGUEZ (#55 Herdez Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):

"On the last lap of my qualifying run, I went into turn one too fast and just lost the rear of the car. I touched the tires on the outside of the corner and my day was done. It's too bad because I had a really good car and we were really looking forward to a good run. I know the crew will do a great job repairing the car and we'll come back and try it again tomorrow."

JIMMY VASSER (#12 American Spirit Ford-Cosworth/Reynard/Bridgestone):

"We are way off on the balance of the car. The track is pretty bumpy and there's not much grip in it, it just hasn't really come in yet. We'll be working toward a better car for tomorrow."

RYAN HUNTER-REAY (#31 American Spirit Ford-Cosworth/Reynard/Bridgestone):

"It was a nightmare out there. We have a ton of work to do tonight to get our cars competitive. I have a lot of confidence in my group and I am sure we will put our heads together and have a better set-up on the 31 car tomorrow."

ROBERTO MORENO (#4 Herdez Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone):

"A lot of the blame goes to me today. I was out on my first run of the day on rain tires and I went off the track after only nine laps and damaged the car. The team did great work putting the car back together for me and we managed to get out for a portion of the second morning practice. It was really only enough time for us to scrub some tires for qualifying and it was my first time on this track on slick tires. The one-by-one qualifying was a big handicap for me today because I'm still really learning the track. I still have a lot more to learn so we'll be working to improve in tomorrow's final run."

MIKA SALO (#27 PK Racing Ford-Cosworth/Lola/Bridgestone)

"Today we are really learning. I only had one day of testing before getting into the car here, so we are working to get it right for me. It's the same for everybody, it's tough with just a few laps to get the tire temperatures up. But no complaints from me! Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow, and we can make a few adjustments and get back out there and move up some spots on the grid. I am enjoying myself a lot in Champ Cars, it's a really nice atmosphere here."

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