CHAMPCAR/CART: Coyne and Camathias press conference, part I

An interview with Dale Coyne and Joel Camathias Part 1 of 2 Miami, Florida - 20 November, 2002 - What follows is the transcript of the CART weekly teleconference presented by WorldCom featuring CART Team Owner Dale Coyne and rookie driver Joel...

An interview with Dale Coyne and Joel Camathias

Part 1 of 2

Miami, Florida - 20 November, 2002 - What follows is the transcript of the CART weekly teleconference presented by WorldCom featuring CART Team Owner Dale Coyne and rookie driver Joel Camathias for 2003.

Eric Mauk: Welcome everyone. Thank you for taking time this afternoon to join us on the CART weekly teleconference. Following the tide of what was a very successful event in Mexico City, it saw CART break three of its attendance records for a single attendance day and total season attendance, and also saw the announcement of three teams for next year. We are lucky to be able to keep that tide of good news coming.

To help us do that today, one of the most veteran of team owners in the CART series, somebody that you all know very well, Mr. Dale Coyne. Good afternoon, Dale. Thanks for joining us.

Dale Coyne: Good to be here.

Eric Mauk: We'll let you tell all these fine gentlemen what we're here to talk about today.

Dale Coyne: We've been in CART for a long time. We've been trying to get back in with a full-time program. We're happy today to announce we'll be back next year with a young, talented Swiss driver, Joel Camathias. We recently tested at Sebring [International Raceway] where he performed very, very well. We're in the process of preparing some cars to go do some more testing and be ready for a full assault for next year for Rookie-of-the-Year honors.

Eric Mauk: Joel is 21 years old, from Lugano, Switzerland. He has raced in the FIA F-3000 series, which has spawned many of the drivers in the CART series. He has a career best finish of fifth coming on the tricky Interlagos Circuit in Brazil. He raced in the Euro 2000 series last season and has competed in the Italian F-3 and Nissan Telefonica Championship. As most of the drivers you know from the Champ Car Series, he grew up racing go-karts.

Joel, welcome to the CART teleconference. Congratulations.

Joel Camathias: Thank you very much. I'm happy to be with you. I'm happy that we can do this for the next two years because the program for the moment is two years to learn and grow up with the team. I'm young, I have some experience, but I want to improve that.

Eric Mauk: We'll go right to the questions and find out what this is all about.

Q: Can you tell us about your sponsorship program, Joel, what you feel you're going to have to do to prepare yourself for this move into CART.

Joel Camathias: One thing, my job is to drive the car. I think the sponsorship now is out of my hands. For the moment, I think about the car and not about the sponsor. Dale and my manager think about that. I'm happy, I repeat. I want to concentrate myself on improving my driving experience and that.

Dale Coyne: I think we've never had a full-time driver from Switzerland. There are a lot of great companies that are based in Switzerland. We're very optimistic about the future. This is the beginning of a two-year program. As you know how Switzerland works, there are a lot of great companies and great people there. We're going to have good support for him.

Q: Most of the young European drivers come through the usual track of Formula 3, Formula 3000. Can you talk about why you're making a move into CART at this point in your career?

Joel Camathias: This is a big step between this year and next year. I know that American races are different because they race a street circuit, permanent circuit and oval. For a young driver like me, it's wonderful because you can race on one oval, the week after on a street circuit. It's great for a driver.

Q: Dale, you've been through this before with sometimes people coming along, promising this and that. I take it you already have some nice Swiss sponsors that you'll announce at a later date. Is that what you're saying?

Dale Coyne: We do. We have a conglomerate of people actually. That will probably be announced first part of January. We'll announce how the car will appear and look. He's had support from several companies there in Switzerland before. That's going to continue now, and even more so because this is such a higher level than anything that he's been in before. I think we're going to have some excellent support from Switzerland.

Q:  Andre Lotterer did a good job Sunday.  You said you were hopeful you
were going to have two cars.  Does he figure into your future?

Dale Coyne: He does. We tested both Joel and Andre at Sebring. We're very pleased with the way both of them performed. We're very happy with what Andre did this weekend. I think it shows that we can be a very competitive team. He did a great job as a rookie, learned a lot. You can fix mistakes, but you can't fix talent. I think he is a star as well as Joel. We're happy to have this one done and working very hard on getting a second one done because we definitely plan on running two cars next year.

Q: Have you ever raced against Jamie Melo, the winner of this year Formula 3000 Europe?

Joel Camathias: For sure. I raced only five races this year in 3000. He was a good guy, fast - not at the beginning, but after the half championship.

Q: Have you ever driven in the American racetracks? Sebring or where?

Joel Camathias: No, never. I try in mid October in Sebring. That was the first time in America. I raced in Charlotte in the karting circuit '97 when I raced go-karts.

Q: You were in Indianapolis?

Joel Camathias: Just to see the museum.

Q: Joel, could you share your thoughts about what the Champ Car was like running at Sebring for the first time?

Joel Camathias: Really, really good. A lot of downforce. It was not so good for me because I like a slippery car. But I improve run by run. At the end I'm very, very happy because also the car is okay for me. I'm tall. I'm more or less 76 inches. I'm tall. But it was okay. The tires are fantastic. There's a lot of difference between new and old tires. Formula 3000, a difference of one second between new and old set. I'm happy. It's a really good car.

Q: Dale, after having two fairly successful one-off appearances this year, how much catching up do you feel your organization will need to do in order to ramp back up to a full-time operation? Will you be keeping the #19?

Dale Coyne: Yes, we definitely plan on keeping on #19. Haven't landed on the second number yet. We'll see what the availabilities are going to be. I think the fact we came with one-offs, were able to run as competitively as we did, anyone looking at one of those single races, nobody would know that was the first race or second race of the year. We've run Lolas for a long time. We were familiar with them back in '97 when they had a pretty rough year. We were the first team to test Lolas when they came back into the fold for '98. I think we understand the Lola philosophy and how to make the car work. That has stayed with us, which I think was evident by the ability we were able to perform both at Rockingham and Mexico.

Q: Dale, I know you had some short experience with Joel through testing at Sebring. What do you think he needs to work on to prepare for next season?

Dale Coyne: I think the relief of knowing the deal is done is a big thing because there's been a lot of work that's happened in the last two months to get this done. I was over in Switzerland just before Mexico, flew over there for two days, then back. I know we've all been working hard to make this program come to fruition. So now I think he's happy. He said this morning when we talked that now when he goes jogging and training, he can just focus on that rather than worry whether he's doing that for nothing. He was in good shape when he tested in Sebring. Sebring is a pretty hot place in the summertime to test. He was in good physical shape for that. I think he'll continue to work on his training and be ready for next year.

I think at his age of 21, with the experience he has, I don't think we're coming in here with any rose-colored glasses. I think the first year is just to be consistent and get some top-10 finishes, then the second year go for some podium finishes. I think we're going to take it a step at a time. We want to get out on an oval and test pretty quickly because he's never experienced that. With all the road racing that he's done, the way he showed at Sebring, I'm very confident we will be able to run in the top 10 next year.

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Coyne/Camathias press conference, part II

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