CHAMPCAR/CART: Corby: Team Fernandez race report

Adrián Fernández, Owner/Driver -- ...

Adrián Fernández, Owner/Driver -- #51 Tecate/Quaker State/Telmex Honda/Lola/Bridgestone:

Finished: 14th Started: 11th

"I am very disappointed and extremely mad. I think we had a great opportunity and a decent car to have a strong showing today. Unfortunately, some rules in the CART rulebook can ruin your day. And this was one of them."

Shinji Nakano, Driver -- #52 Alpine/Mitsuba Honda/Lola/Bridgestone:

Finished: 16th Contact Started: 15th

"I was turning in and just lost it. I lost the grip on the front as soon as I turned in. The car went straight and I don't know why. There was no understeer, no oversteer, just nothing. I went straight into the wall. If I got up into the grey, I would have had oversteer but I didn't get into the grey. The team is checking all the data and hopefully we will find the problem. After the second stop I had a little bit of understeer, but up until that point the car was really good."

Tom Anderson, Co-Owner/Managing Director:

"Based on my quotes from yesterday, all of us at Fernandez Racing had high expectations for today and felt as though we had two competitive cars. Shinji's probably described it best. He was getting in a rhythm and, after a couple of successful stops, moved into a competitive position. We were settling in to have a decent day, and then we had the accident in Turn Four. Adrian's day was obviously very eventful towards the end. Prior to that, I was very pleased with the pit stop performance of the team as we gained four positions to where Adrian was consistently running in seventh. With two more stops to go, we thought things would work out for a strong finish. On our fifth stop, we were in the middle of a group of cars going for the start line of the second stage of the pit lane speed and Adrian was probably a millisecond late in hitting the button. We were caught for speeding with an 87 in an 85 zone and the resulting penalty was to go to the back of the field. There were several cars that were caught in the zone today. The two-stage limiter is something that we only use on the ovals since the tragedy at Germany last year. With everything as competitive as it is, a tenth of a second here and there can mean the difference between first and 12th place. It was a very minor mistake with an excessive penalty."

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