CHAMPCAR/CART: Cleveland: Walker Racing race report

Rodolfo Lavin (R), ...

Rodolfo Lavin (R), #5 Corona Competition Team Ford-Cosworth XFE-Reynard-Bridgestone

"The Corona car was running really strong at the end of the race. We were out of sequence, but we were running with the top-five most of the time. But at the beginning, on the second and third sets of tires, the car was just horrible, just bouncing all over the place, on every bump. While I was struggling with the car, I just put the left rear off between Turns 6 and 7 and spun (Lap 56). I lost a couple laps there. The fourth and fifth sets of Bridgestones were just fantastic though and we started to post good lap times."

Darren Manning , (R), #15 RAC Walker Racing Ford-Cosworth XFE-Reynard-Bridgestone

"Considering where we were after Lap 7 (dropping to 15th), it's great that we were able to bring the RAC Walker Racing car home for another top-ten finish. There was a problem at the beginning of the race, perhaps with the ECU, and I had to cycle the ECU a couple of times. Finally on the first or second stop, it all came back so we were able to start working our way forward again. We were really good at the beginning and end of the stints, but in the middle when everyone was up to speed and not running out of tires, we were struggling a little for pace."

Fast Facts: Earned his seventh top-ten finish of the season, Has eight top-ten finishes to his credit in ten starts, Ranked tenth overall in the drivers' championship after picking up three additional points for the tenth place finish for a season total of 45, Currently second in the Rookie of the Year standings

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