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PRE-RACE DRIVER QUOTES Sebastien Bourdais ...


Sebastien Bourdais #1 McDonalds Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (1st, 105 points)

"The McDonald's team won the first two years in Cleveland but haven't the past two so I guess we're due there. I would really like to go back and have a competitive car. We had a great car the first year and then the second year it was kind of a steal because the first row took itself out and we collected the points which was really good. In 2005 we were in the mix and 2006 in the mix again but never quite got to the racing. It would be good to be on top in Cleveland for (Michael) Lanigan and Mi-Jack Promotions. It's another home race for us and it would be great to finish one-two like we did in Houston. It's a very challenging track because it's really fast and really bumpy; it makes for really good racing. I think all the drivers really like it because you really can push it without taking big chances and hitting anything. In the meantime if you want to put a lap together you need to finish it and not make any mistakes so it's always a give and take."

Will Power #5 Aussie Vineyards Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (2nd, 94 points)

"Cleveland is a very important race for us, we need to have a very strong result, keep finishing in the points and win another race, and I think Cleveland is the place to do it. I love the track, it's very enjoyable to drive and it really suits my driving style. Last year I made a mistake that cost us a podium and I want to go back and make up for that and get a good result for Team Australia, but for the Cleveland fans as well."

Robert Doornbos #14 Minardi Team USACosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (3rd, 87 points)

"Once again, Cleveland is a circuit that I have never been to before, but I don't mind the challenge. It will be exciting to race at an airport, I have never done such a thing--I hope they close the runways! But in all seriousness, I hope it will be a good weekend, I have heard from some of the other drivers that the track is very fast and a lot of fun. I saw video of turn one on the first lap- it was very strange to see eighteen cars all going in side-by-side. I'm sure that will be different with the standing start his year, but exciting still the same. It's always important to survive the first turn and get on with the race, and I'm looking forward to it."

Alex Tagliani #8 RSPORTS Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (4th, 78 points)

"The Cleveland track is always a good one to race on. It truly provides a good race for not only the drivers, but the fans, as it offers a lot of passing and exciting race action. I am especially excited to race here with the new Champ Car DP01. These cars were built for a track such as Cleveland, one that has several high-speed corners. I am also excited to do the standing start in Cleveland because the track is so wide, there is going to be so much room for us and it should be a very good show. We are happy to consistently stay fourth in the championship, but when we leave this event I would like to see us sitting in the top three. I definitely think that we can win races and that we can win the championship, we just have to stay on top of our game and continue to be strong and improve each time we step foot on a race track. These next three events, Cleveland, Mont-Tremblant, and Toronto, should be good races for us, so I am ready to take on the challenge and hoping for some real good results."

Justin Wilson #9 CDW Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (5th, 69 points)

"I really enjoy the Cleveland circuit. We hope that we can continue to be competitive in the #9 CDW there, after we had a promising run last year. We were fighting for the win, but when a steering arm broke close to the end of the race, our day ended early. It was disappointing, but I hope we can fight for the win again this year, and this time put the #9 CDW car in victory lane. If we can continue our positive momentum from our podium finish in Portland, then we can go out there striving for our first win of the season this weekend."

Graham Rahal #2 Medi | Zone Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (8th, 59 points)

"I think the Medi | Zone team has a good shot at doing well in Cleveland. My family has had a lot of success at the track. Since it's my home track its nice to go there and do well. Portland was difficult for us but we hope to turn that around and run well in Cleveland.

"It was nice to win (the Atlantic race) last year because the crowd was pretty much going crazy. It was nice for them to have a familiar face and a local name win again. For me, there is no greater feeling of pride than winning there. To win both races there last year was a great feeling and to have my friends and family there made it even better. There is going to be quite a group of people coming to the race again this year and I'm looking forward to having a lot of fans there. I think the speed will be the biggest thing to adapt to after moving up from the Atlantic cars. The track is very fast and I think you just have to get used to the difference from the Atlantic cars, which are very fun to drive there. It wasn't easy to drive the Atlantic cars but you are comfortable in them and Champ Car's are a whole different step up."

Simon Pagenaud #15 Aussie Vineyards Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (10th, 53 points)

"I'm glad to get back in the car and go racing again. We struggled a bit in Portland, but we know what happened, which gives us great confidence going into Cleveland because the Aussie Vineyards car is a perfect fit for this circuit. I really enjoyed the track last year. In fact it was one of my favorites. It's amazing to race on an airport and so much fun. I'm looking forward to a great weekend."

"Speedy" Dan Clarke #4 Minardi Team USA Cosworth/DP01/Bridgestone (14th, 38 points)

"Portland was a good weekend for us. We had a solid result, and it changed the momentum for me in a positive direction. As far as the Cleveland race is concerned, I'm looking forward to it. I think we will be fast there, and I really like the circuit. We had a strong race at Cleveland last year, but now I want the result. As a team, we've improved a lot in a relatively short space of time, and I'm sure this trend will continue as the season progresses."

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