CHAMPCAR/CART: Cleveland: HVM race report

Forgettable Weekend for HVM, Team Turns Focus to Toronto Rebound BJORN WIRDHEIM, ...

Forgettable Weekend for HVM, Team Turns Focus to Toronto Rebound

BJORN WIRDHEIM, #4 HVM/Lola/Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone

Bjorn on the Race: "Hunter-Reay spun and stalled right in front of me and clipped my front wing in the process. Unfortunately we lost two laps trying to get re-started so it was obviously a disappointing way to start the race. We managed to get one of our laps back and I was consistently running as fast as the top six cars throughout the middle of the race. After my last pitstop, the handling of the car changed. I tried to work on it with the tools I have in the cockpit, but it wasn't enough. Finally, I went wide on the exit of turn eight and I clipped the wall. It was a very disappointing weekend for us, certainly a weekend to forget."

RONNIE BREMER, #55 HVM/Lola/Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone

Ronnie on the Race:"The race was a hard struggle but I think we were doing a good job to keep it in ninth considering everything that had happened to us through the race. I was clipped from behind on the start and spun but managed to keep it running and get myself turned around and back on track. From there I was pushing hard, we were back into the top ten. I was trying to get around Mario (Dominguez) who was a lapped car and he hit me from behind. Everyone is racing as hard as they can out there and it was a tough day, but I was a little surprised to have that happen from a car that was one lap down. It was a hard hit and I think that it actually damaged the engine. I was still trying to keep my foot in it, we were determined to finish that race despite everything that had happened, but unfortunately my engine let go with just 11 laps left in the race. I think the hit from behind is what caused the problem with the engine. It was a tough day out there."


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