CHAMPCAR/CART: Cleveland: HVM Friday report

A Disappointing Day on the Runway for HVM BJORN WIRDHEIM, ...

A Disappointing Day on the Runway for HVM

BJORN WIRDHEIM, #4 HVM/Lola/Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone

Bjorn on Qualifying: "I quite like the circuit because it has a fast layout. It is as difficult as people were telling me because it is so wide, but I am confident that I have a pretty good hang of it now. We have not been able to settle the rear of the car; we must get a lot more stability into the rear of the car for me to be able to use the tires completely. We are really suffering trying to find rear grip and until we find it, it will continue to hold us back, so we will put our heads together tonight and make sure we get it sorted for tomorrow.

RONNIE BREMER, #55 HVM/Lola/Ford-Cosworth/Bridgestone

Ronnie on Qualifying:"I am a bit disappointed of course, we are certainly not where we expect to be. We expected more but I am a bit slow in places, where I am the issue, not the car. It looks like it is an easy circuit, but the high-speed corners are certainly challenging to perfect in a Champ Car. I think there is four-tenths still left in me. There are a couple of place on the track where I think we might be able to improve the car a little bit, so we'll have a few changes to make in the car, the combination of both will make us quite a bit quicker tomorrow as long as we make it happen."

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