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Patrick Carpentier captures second career victory in Cleveland to give Ford-Cosworth it's first victory of the season. CARPENTIER CLINCHES FIRST CAREER ROAD COURSE VICTORY - Player's/Forsythe driver Patrick Carpentier won the Marconi Grand Prix...

Patrick Carpentier captures second career victory in Cleveland to give Ford-Cosworth it's first victory of the season.

CARPENTIER CLINCHES FIRST CAREER ROAD COURSE VICTORY - Player's/Forsythe driver Patrick Carpentier won the Marconi Grand Prix of Cleveland to capture his second career victory (Michigan, '01). Michael Andretti finished second, Paul Tracy was third and Kenny Brack fourth, while Carpentier's teammate, Alex Tagliani, finished fifth and Team Rahal's Jimmy Vasser was sixth. The victory was Ford-Cosworth's first of the season, and the first for the manufacturer since October 14, 2001, when Max Papis won at Laguna Seca.

PATRICK CARPENTIER (#32 Player's/Indeck Ford) - Finished 1st

"Cristiano (da Matta) had problems, but my team gave me a perfect car. The Ford-Cosworth engine, the car was fantastic. I just had to drive the car really hard and the guys did a good job for me today in the pits."

IS IT MORE DIFFICULT TO GET THE FIRST WIN OR THE SECOND? "I think it was more difficult to get the second one, actually. It seemed to be really tough, but it seems like we have to wait until after Toronto. After Toronto is when I won last year and we did it again this year. Last weekend in Toronto was so tough for the whole team and it's completely the opposite this weekend. It's great."

THIS JUST THE SECOND WIN THIS YEAR FOR REYNARD AND THE FIRST FOR FORD. WHAT WAS THE DIFFERENCE TODAY? "The guys at Ford and Cosworth did some great work this weekend and we had absolutely no problems. They improved the traction control to work with us and they put forth a great effort. We had no problems at all and the engine was powerful all day long."

THERE HAS BEEN TALK ABOUT YOUR FUTURE WITH THE TEAM. DOES THIS WIN CHANGE ANYTHING? "I'm still talking to a few people other than just one team and I don't know where I'm going to end up next year, honestly. I feel like I'm at a crossroads in my career and in my life and I'm just going to make a decision later. I'm not in a hurry. I'm very happy for the win but I'm not relieved like, oh, now I'm going to get signed. I know I'm going to get signed; I just don't know where."

NEIL MICKLEWRIGHT (Player's/Forsythe Vice President of Operations)

THIS WIN HAS TO FEEL GOOD CONSIDERING THE STRUGGLES YOU HAD LAST WEEKEND IN TORONTO. "Yeah, it feels really good. It feels good to have made some tangible and demonstrable progress, so I'm pretty happy. It hasn't quite sunk in yet." WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR THE TEAM? "We faced some challenges this season but I think it's all in the recovery. The fact that we won today and finished fifth with 'Tag' from 14th is great. It doesn't mean that all our troubles are over, but what it does is boost morale and it reconfirms that we can win, that we can make stuff happen and that we are a good team. And a lot of this is self-belief, and obviously this is a major boost for them."

ALEX TAGLIANI (#33 Player's/Indeck Ford) - Finished 5th

ARE YOU SATISFIED FOR THE RESULT CONSIDERING HOW YOUR WEEKEND BEGAN? "Yeah, fifth is good and we scored points. If we can continue to score top five finishes the rest of the season and hopefully win a race it would be good. I'm confident because I think the car is going to get faster and faster for us. There are some road courses coming up and hopefully we can repeat what we achieved in Vancouver last year."

LAST YEAR'S RACE IN VANCOUVER WAS KIND OF THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY FROM YOU. "I just hope that my car will be as fast and as competitive and I'll try to take care of the rest. Hopefully I'll be on pole, or at least on the front row, and from there we'll see. If we can do the same race that we did last year without any problems this year we should be there for the win."

YOU MADE UP A LOT OF POSITIONS TODAY. "It was kind of difficult. There were a lot of cars out there to pass, but we had a lot of fight. We got a little bit lucky with the people that had some problems, but some of the races we were not lucky. I guess we just need to get our luck back and if we can continue what we're doing I think we can be in the top three or five in the championship at the end of the season."

MICHEL JOURDAIN, JR. (#9 Gigante Ford) - Finished 9th

"It was a long race today, but we had a problem with the turbo and we couldn't get the boost to come up. And because of that we had no power at all and we lost a lot of ground to the guys of the front. It also took a long time for the pressures to come up and for the first four or five laps out of the pits the car was hard to drive, but it didn't help us with the turbo not working to the maximum. We also had some handling problems with understeer for most of the race and I couldn't turn the car into the corners like I wanted to until the pressure were right."


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