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Robby Gordon ...

Robby Gordon

#22 Johns Manville/Panasonic/Menards Toyota-Eagle Qualifying Notes/Quotes - Saturday, August 20, 1999 TARGET GRAND PRIX OF CHICAGO Round 15 of 20 in the CART FedEx Championship Series Chicago Motor Speedway - Cicero, Ill.

With a time of 23.698 seconds, Robby Gordon qualified his Team Gordon Johns Manville/Panasonic/Menards Toyota Eagle 21st for tomorrow's Target Grand Prix of Chicago. Start time for Sunday's race is 2 p.m. EDT.


ROBBY GORDON - "We had a lot of push in the qualifying setup that we didn't anticipate. The result was a time we aren't too happy with. But that's the way it goes. Fortunately, we worked on race setups yesterday morning, which should produce a good race car for us tomorrow. I think we really just strayed too far from the original setup we had Thursday. The track has gotten faster since then, as well, with more rubber laid down. But, I'm happy with the car -- a lot of people are asking me that question -- and I have no complaints. There's a ton of potential that we haven't tapped in the Eagle in these first three days. As an organization, we just have to figure it out."

MIKE HELD (Team Gordon co-owner) - "It's been a long day. Everyone's been working really hard to make a big splash with the Eagle. Now, it's time to get some sleep and prepare for tomorrow. We'll be ready to race, be sure of that. I see the Eagle getting meaner overnight."

STEVE ABRAHAMS (Hospitality coordinator) - "It was a team-wide decision to take chicken and turkey off the menu in fairness to the Eagle. Just didn't seem right. But I did decide to switch from Windex to Pledge, figuring if we can change chassis I might as well take some liberties of my own to improve our operation. Things look much better in the tent, but I'm not sure the guests have noticed."

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