CHAMPCAR/CART: Chicago Ford Racing Post-Race Report

MAX PAPIS -7- Miller Lite Ford-Cosworth - Qualified 1st / Finished 4th - "We had a very good race and we pushed hard all day. We were loose during the first stint and then at the end of the race we had to conserve fuel. If we had a little more...

MAX PAPIS -7- Miller Lite Ford-Cosworth - Qualified 1st / Finished 4th - "We had a very good race and we pushed hard all day. We were loose during the first stint and then at the end of the race we had to conserve fuel. If we had a little more (fuel) we would have been able to gain on the guys up front. We were waiting for the race to come back to us but it didn't. If we would have been able to stop once more it would have been different. We had to run very, very lean. We learned a lot and overall it was a pretty competitive race." WHAT WERE YOU THINKING AFTER THE FOUR STARTS TO BEGINNING THE RACE? "I didn't know what to think. I was doing what I was supposed to do. I guess Mark (Blundel) didn't want to get beat. It was very strange but at least we were finally able to get the race going." HOW HARD WAS IT TO PASS OUT THERE? "It was difficult, but, we did it. Especially at the end with the marbles out there you couldn't go to the outside." CAN YOU TELL ME ABOUT YOUR CLOSING LAP BATTLE WITH VASSER? "I tried to go on the outside of Jimmy (Vasser) but there was no way I was going to pull it off."

MICHAEL ANDRETTI -6- K Mart/Texaco/Havoline Ford-Cosworth - Qualified 18th / Finished 22nd / Contact with Paul Tracy - CAN YOU TELL US WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN YOU AND PAUL TRACY? "It's unbelievable - normal Paul Tracy driving. He could have killed somebody out there. We both had good race cars and then he pinched me down into the corner and I had nowhere to go. I can't believe that he did it. Why? What was he thinking? I don't understand it." AFTER A SITUATION LIKE THAT, ARE YOU GOING TO GO AND TALK WITH PAUL TRACY? "It's like talking to a wall. This was so blatant I hope Wally (Dallenbach) talks to him. He was swerving at me all the way down the front stretch and when we got to the corner it was a totally winless situation. He took both of us out."

ROBERTO MORENO -11- Big K Ford-Cosworth - Qualified 8th / Finished 9th - HOW DID THE CONTACT BETWEEN YOU AND MAGNUSSEN OCCUR? "I got a run on him and then he shut the door on me. I was already committed and there was no way he should have tried to make the pass." AT THE END OF THE RACE IT SEEMED THAT YOU WERE FAST ENOUGH TO HAVE CONTESTED FOR THE WIN . . . "We had a car that was a little loose after the first stint and we made it better towards the end." WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO PASS FRANCHITTI AT THE END OF THE AND BECOME A FACTOR IN THE BATTLE FOR THE LEAD? "I was trying to get my lap back. If a yellow comes out I would get my lap back. When you are driving fast you just want to try and drive as fast as you can."

BRYAN HERTA -8- Shell Ford-Cosworth - Qualified 7th / Finished 8th - "The Shell car was pretty loose and we battled that all day. The back end of the car kept wanting to kick out on me. We didn't have a car capable for the lead today. We didn't guess right on the setup at the start of the race and it sort of handcuffed us a bit with the changes we needed to make."

P.J. JONES -40- Tecate/Quaker State Ford-Cosworth - Qualified 14th / Finished 7th - "It was a really interesting race for us. We had some pretty eventful moments out there. Jan and I got together and actually touched wheels at one point. We both had to do some heads-up driving out there. The Tecate/Quaker State guys gave me a great car, one that I was comfortable racing. I really enjoy racing these short ovals. We really needed the top-ten finish. Given the kind of car we had, I am happy with the seventh place."

JAN MAGNUSSEN -20- Visteon Ford-Cosworth - Qualified 16th / Finished 24th / Contact - "I had a lot of fun today. I want to thank the Visteon guys for giving me such a good car for the race today. Unfortunately I couldn't bring it home, but I enjoyed my first oval race. The car was running really good and considering that we changed cars mid-week and decided to go with the Reynard. This was a good experience for me." WHAT CAUSED YOU TO HIT THE WALL? "Moreno and I made contact and that turned us both around. Unfortunately I ended up in the wall and was not able to continue. Moreno took my racing line away and there as nothing I could do. It was a racing incident."

MICHEL JOURDAIN, JR -19- Herdez Viva Mexico Ford-Cosworth - Qualified 20th / Finished 18th / Engine - "I had a very loose car today. We tried to work on it throughout the race but we were not making quite the progress we needed to. I was also struggling with gearbox problems early on and then finally at the end the car just quit. I think we lost an engine. It was a frustrating day overall."

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