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Temperatures reach fever pitch as Premier approaches... Climax of the German 500 For the first time Champ Cars in Germany, for the first time NASCARs in Germany, for the first time the much loved American Legend Cars in Germany, for the first...

Temperatures reach fever pitch as Premier approaches...
Climax of the German 500

For the first time Champ Cars in Germany, for the first time NASCARs in Germany, for the first time the much loved American Legend Cars in Germany, for the first time ASCARs in Germany, for the first time a huge all-American entertainment extravaganza including Rodeo and a wild-west town in the Lausitz - at the motor sport weekend from the 13th to the 15th September at EuroSpeedway Lausitz you can witness a premier that will be in a class of its own.

Of course, the absolute highlight of the weekend will be seeing for the very first time the fastest racing cars in the world taking part in the German 500. The American Champ Cars are powered by engines producing an awesome 850 hp. But that's not all, the event promises to offer motor sport aficionados and their families top entertainment the whole weekend long.

Three original NASCAR rockets from the famous Richard Petty team will be giving daily demonstrations clearly showing why the NASCAR series and the Winston Cup, who together stage over 40 races in a season, are so loved by up to 200,000 fans at a time. NASCAR has everything that high-speed oval racing can offer and more: Lashings of slipstream duels and spectacular overtaking manoeuvres. The NASCAR series has been the most popular touring car series in the world for decades now. Packed under their hoods a thumping 750 hp powerhorse, producing over 300 hp more than the equivalent well known German Touring Cars. With so much brute force at their disposal top speeds of over 330 km/h (206 mph) are achieved.

The Legend Cars not only fly like a bullet, they are also extremely good looking with their smooth, aesthetic lines. The optically unique cars, whose roots can be traced to the American Midget series, are lovingly trimmed to become stunning sport cars. Motor sport and motor show combine together to offer a breathtaking race packed with thrills and spills when the English thoroughbreds of the Legend Car Series take to the track after the Champ Cars at 4 pm on Saturday. The "Lausitz Legend Cars", who compete on the 4.5 km Grand Prix track, promises to be a thrilling event. Places on the starting grid are decided by a ballot draw, which means the fastest and the slowest cars are spread across the field. Overtaking manoeuvres and high-speed excitement are guaranteed.

Ten English teams competing will have two chances to dispose any myths that good old England is lagging behind the rest of the field. ASCAR, the British cousin of the NASCAR series, will stage two races on Friday (from 11.30 am) and on Saturday (from 8 am) with 20 laps respectively, when the Chevrolet V8 engines with their 565 hp will be burning rubber and showing what they are fully capable of. Three US models, the Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Monte Carlo and the Pontiac Grand Prix will be putting a race on in style with their classy bodywork. Professionals and amateurs on the grid are all racing together with basically the same vehicles.

If anyone feels like taking a break from all the motor sport activity, between the Speedway Town and the Speedway Fun Park built up around the main grandstand, there is plenty to choose from - Champ Car racing is in Lausitz exactly the same as in America, something for the whole family. Major attractions include a music festival in the wild-west town, Germany's largest soap-cart race, which is open to all participants between the ages of 8 and 15 years old (with a 5 DM start fee), a Rodeo arena, within which around 150 Cowboys and Cowgirls from the USA will be putting on shows three times daily between 10 o'clock am and 9 o'clock pm, and, as if that was not enough, the famous tight-rope walking family Weisheit will be causing a few ummmms and ahhhhs. For those who like to get really involved there is Bungee-Jumping as well as Rotorspace or Sling shot rides to get the adrenalin pumping. In the Fun Park, children will be cared for by qualified assistants. The Babelsberg stunt crew will be helping make little dreams become reality: they will be offering the young visitors a chance to show their mettle and maybe make a start on a career to be stuntmen or women.

For the died-in-the-wool motor sport fans the only important thing is the engineering and the technology the cars are packing. The German 500 offers many more chances to have their desires fulfilled than, say, at Formula 1. Included in the pit-stop events are for example, an autograph signing time when all the Champ Car pilots will be present on Friday at half past four. An exhibition of classic cars will also be featured together with German Lowrider Challengers, all proudly presenting what their vehicles are capable of.

Then on Saturday, at half past one, the tense air will be broken with the legendary call of "Gentlemen, start your engines!" and the celebrations can begin with the pop group ATC blasting out the American national anthem. The dance pop quartet shot to fame last year with their chart-topper "Around The World".

The German 500 takes place from the 13th to the 15th September 2001 at EuroSpeedway Lausitz. Further information and advance tickets are available for sale now by calling the Ticket Hotline on +49-1805-88 02 88 (24 pf / min) or direct from the track at the welcome centre. Photo material from the entire programme can be readily obtained by e-mail on request. We would be delighted to receive editorial comments.

- EuroSpeedway Lausitz

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