Barnhart hits back at Race Control criticism

With a rocky end to a successful, long 15 year stint in race control, Brian Barnhart told that he isn't concerned about the public criticism after IndyCar announced his return to race control.

A brand new three steward system, updated timing and scoring, and additional camera angles are some of the primary tools being instituted into IndyCar race control, that will help Brian Barnhart make the correct calls in his return to the Race Director's seat.

Barnhart has been the subject of a lot of public criticism for some inconsistencies and arguable calls from race control near the end of his first 15 year stint in the job, in 2011. After IndyCar announced his return to the position, fans were in an uproar. 

If I didn’t do a good job, they wouldn’t ask me to do it again.

Brian Barnhart

"I don’t really care too much how anybody judges me. I am proud of the job that was done for 15 years, if I wasn’t doing a good job I wouldn’t have made it 15 years. If I didn’t do a good job, they wouldn’t ask me to do it again," Barnhart told

"The tools that we have will certainly help, no doubt about that. The fact that they have the faith and trust to put me back in there says all we need to about it."

Barnhart added that the steward system is a step in the right direction because "the ability to have other eyes up there helping is a good thing."

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