A lot of debris raises a lot of questions following IndyCar season opener

The new aero kits had an unintended consequence Sunday ... A lot of debris.

While Juan Pablo Montoya kicked off his 2015 on the right foot, many are questioning the number of debris incidents that occurred in today’s IndyCar season opener in St. Petersburg Florida.

“They spend millions of bucks and have wind tunnels to have nice little rabbit ears, It’s better if you don’t knock them off, said Will Power, second place finisher in Sunday’s race.

Kanaan likened debris field to a 'stock car race'

That was the story of the race early on, as multiple full course yellows were thrown for large chunks of debris scattered all around the track, something that even third place finisher Tony Kanaan likened to a stock car race.

“I just saw big pieces flying. You know, you’re not supposed to hit anybody. It’s open-wheel. It’s not stock car or touring car racing,” said the Brazilian.

Debris, in my opinion, is debris. If you’re going to call the yellow, call it when you see it.

Tony Kanaan

Earlier in the weekend, Will Power was quoted as praising the robustness of the Chevrolet aero kit and while the number of Honda debris bits outnumbered the Chevrolet bits by quite a lot, Power also lost a bit of his wing while fighting for the win, adding that the cars handling was effected.

“It did make a difference. Definitely lost front end when I knocked that off. Gave me good traction out of the corner.”

When should the caution come out?

Another talking point surrounding the debris phenomenon in IndyCar right now was how the series handled throwing the caution during a pit cycle in the middle of the race. Questions arose as drivers started diving on pit lane when the debris was spotted, but the caution was not thrown for a number of laps.

“I honestly don’t understand that call because that debris was there for like five laps, so when they called it I was like, was that for (that piece)? That’s been there forever,” said Kanaan.

“But once somebody saw that, I know for a fact that a couple of us just dove into the pits because we wanted to take advantage of the yellow. If race control figured that out, they probably just didnt throw the yellow until everybody cycled, not to give one or the other the advantage."

“Debris, in my opinion, is debris. If you’re going to call the yellow, call it when you see it."

Series needs to stay consistent

Power added that IndyCar race control have set an example, and they best follow that example for the rest of the season.

“I did exactly what Tony (Kanaan) did. I dove into the pits. The they let a couple guys go a couple laps longer, then they called the yellow. As long as they do that all year, I am good with it. If they do that one race, then you think, Ill stay out, then they go yellow, you know, it’s very hard to read."

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