Transition to single-seaters not difficult, says Reddy

Anindith Reddy says he found it fairly easy to jump to single-seaters this year, having spent his formative racing years in touring cars.

After winning  Volkswagen Vento Cup in 2015, Reddy has moved to MRF F1600 this year, making an immediate impression with back-to-back podium finishes in the opening round.

After a largely successful second round in Chennai, where he amassed a rostrum finish in race two, Reddy says his graduation to cars has been anything but a major challenge.

“To be honest, it didn’t take that much time. The F1600 car is a very comfortable car to get started on,’’ Reddy told in an exclusive interview.

“Just 10 laps into driving the car, I felt really at home.”

“Of course, there’s lot to learn in different conditions at different tracks.  And that happened over the course of the last two rounds,’’ he added.

Eyeing FB02 drive

To gather as much experience in single-seaters, Reddy is planning to dovetail his MRF F1600 duties with a full season’s drive in JK FB02.

“I’m thinking of Formula BMW [JK FB02] which I’m going to try and drive. So, that will give me the experience of two formula racing series this year,’’ he said.

“Both of them are rewarding if you win the championship or finish in the top three. So, I’m just gunning for that. So, we’ll see how that goes.”

Engineering degree a great aid

Reddy completed his graduation in mechanical engineering from the Kettering University in Michigan. The Hyderabad-born driver reckons his educational background allows him to have a better understanding of the behaviour of the car.

“It helps in understanding what is happening, when the grip levels change, when the temperature is hot, how the car reacts to smaller changes and my driving style as well,’’ he explained.

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