Coimbatore JK Tyre: Gritty Reddy takes win in Race 2

Anindith Reddy stormed to victory in an eventful Race 2 of the Euro JK 17 series at Coimbatore's Kari Motor Speedway on Saturday.

Coimbatore JK Tyre: Gritty Reddy takes win in Race 2
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Having finished third in Race 1, Reddy started fourth on the grid with the reverse grid format coming into effect.

Nirmal Umashankar started on pole position after finishing sixth in Race 1.

However, Umashankar lost the lead to Brayan Perera, who started second on the grid. In fact, Umashankar spun his car and fell back in the first lap itself. He made a recovery of sorts but it was too late.

With Perera taking the lead, there was no way Reddy would sit back. He began to threaten Perera constantly and was all over the latter's tail.

Brayan managed to hold on to the lead for a couple of laps before Reddy managed to pass through, while Australia's Ricky Capo held third. But then, Capo lost the third place to Vikash Anand for a short while.

Even as there was a whole lot of shuffling going on at the back, Reddy was in firm control of the race. In fact, he began to pull away, thus increasing his lead lap after lap.

Reddy was in a class of his own as the remainder of the field battled it out to gain places.

Soon, Capo too fell back. But it was still Reddy at the front, with first race winner Nayan Chatterjee second and Vishnu Prasad third.

It was a commendable comeback for Prasad after he started at the back of the grid after spinning out in the first race.

The order began to settle down but Sandeep Kumar spun out and the safety car was brought out with four laps to go.

With the gap reduced, Chatterjee was challenged by Prasad for the second place. But with just two laps left, there was perhaps not enough time for Prasad.

Reddy won comfortably, with Chatterjee second and Prasad third.


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