Chennai MRF F1600: Reddy sizzles en route to second win of the day

Anindith Reddy scored his second win on Sunday in the MRF F1600 Race 3 at the Madras Motor Race Track.

Chennai MRF F1600: Reddy sizzles en route to second win of the day
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The Hyderabad driver was followed by Chennai’s Sandeep Kumar and Chennai’s Chetan Korada in that order for the next two podium spots. Arya Singh (Calcutta) and Amer Beg (Hyderabad) finished fourth and fifth respectively.

Sandeep began to challenge pole position man Reddy at the start, but the latter managed to hold on to the lead. Sandeep was 0.4 seconds off the race leader.

Reddy and Sandeep were bunched up, while Korada and Arya were fighting for the third spot.

But with three laps done, Reddy had increased the lead to 0.59 seconds and seemed to be determined to win by a good margin.

As the race progressed, Reddy began to push and this increased the gap between him and Sandeep.

As the two frontrunners were not really in the heat of the action, Arya was trying to challenge Korada for the third place. But, Korada hung on to his third position.

Lap after lap, the order of the drivers remained the same. The gap between the first two cars varied a bit, indicating that there was a small battle going on towards the end of the race. However, it would have taken a special effort from Sandeep to get past Reddy.

Reddy was clearly having a great race. Though Sandeep tried to make inroads into taking the top spot, it was just not going to happen.


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