Tudor United Race Cars Light Up VIR in Infrared


When the Tudor United SportsCar Championship visited Virginia International Raceway for the 2014 Oak Tree Grand Prix, Ivy Tools packed up a FLIR T640 thermal camera to capture the race action in infrared. VIR is hallowed ground for race cars: one of America's early road racing circuits, with no less than Carol Shelby winning the inaugural Grand Prix here in 1957.

Infrared shows the race details that would otherwise go unseen, from hot tire tracks as a car takes a corner, to exhaust flames from a quick downshift. Thermal cameras capture light from the infrared spectrum–light that we can't see but often feel as heat. Though the video can make you feel like you are watching a night race, all racing and recording occurred in full daylight.

About this video
Video by Ivy Tools
Duration 01:32
Series IMSA
Tags autos, fun, infrared, race highlights

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