The funniest man in racing?

If there was an award for the funniest man in racing, Jordan Taylor would be a serious candidate. Whoever follows him on his different social media accounts can only approve. Here's the latest reason...

Here is the unusual way that Jordan Taylor celebrated his win at Le Mans: "I found the missing flag from the IMSA paddock! Background story: So after winning Le Mans, IMSA had a very nice flag made to put outside the Corvette Racing tent to commemorate the big win. Unfortunately I didn't get one of my own at our tent. So after the race at Watkins Glen, I decided to borrow it. Since it was a team victory, I figured we could all get to enjoy it. It'll be back in the paddock in Road America, but they might want to clean it."

Here's his Facebook post:

There is simply no one else like him.

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