Hard racing in the rain at Road Atlanta ends up with a major crash


From Nico Rondet: "So the 36 Cayman was a lap down from us, while I was trying to catch Ryan Eversley in the Honda who was 4th. Actually 5 or 6 laps earlier when I first passed that 36 Cayman... he hit me and bent my rear right toe link... as he was already a lap down keep in mind. I ended up dropping a wheel of in the grass out of turn 12, and he repassed me as well as another couple of cars...My tires had been on the car since lap 17, and were a little bit too worn, for the amount of water, as the fuel load was getting lighter every lap, the car was getting looser and looser from lack of weigth on the rear tires. Visisibility was, humm poor, this video actually shows better clarity as this lens was literally a couple of mm of the windshield. I just lost the Rear and couldn't get it back before the rear tires fell of the pavement... then hit the wall and had that slow half roll!!! My bad! This was going to be a fantastic 5th place for Audi and Compass 360R. So sorry guys!"

About this video
Video by Nico Rondet
Duration 01:55
Series IMSA Others
Event SCC: Road Atlanta
Sub-event Friday race
Track Road Atlanta
Drivers Nico Rondet
Tags crash, race highlights

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