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WATKINS GLEN INTERNATIONAL NASCAR/IMSA WEEKEND featuring the Lysol 200 and Glen Continental


JAMES WEAVER(#16WSC Ford/Bosch/Hella Rain-X Ford R & S MK-3) --It's a fast track and our car is good on all corners, particularly the fast corners. We've got a lot of top end horsepower which will save us there. The car is easy to drive and it's brilliant over the bumps. I think for Watkins Glen, we really have the best package.

BUTCH LEITZINGER (#16WSC Ford/Bosch/Hella/Rain-X Ford R & S MK-3 \\#95 Caterpillar Chevrolet) -- I think before I get into the car each practice session, I'm going have to review the track in my mind and go over every gear change just to make sure I don't get a sudden lapse and think I'm in the other car. And then go into the braking marker another 100 feet deeper. I've done that before and once you're in the car, everything becomes pretty second nature to you. I'm going be hustling a lot trying to jump back and forth between the teams but I'm really looking forward to it.

(On the Ford R&S MK-3) It's fantastic! The car really excels on the fast turns. It's really a high downforce car and that's idea for here. The Glen is pretty much forth and fifth gear turns the whole way. I think we're going to be looking really good there.

ROB DYSON (#16WSC Ford/Bosch/Hella Rain-X Ford R & S MK-3) -- I think Watkins Glen is a good course for us. I think the cars are proven that we can go quickly on the short courses. At Road Atlanta, we should we could go quickly in traffic and I think traffic will be a factor here. I think that the overall package is coming together. Remember that this will only be our fifth race with the car so it's kind of ironic that everyone is expecting so much out of us and it's only five races in. However, the car is good, the package is good, the Ford V-8 engine is doing well. I think the Riley & Scott chassis grouped with the Goodyear tires is going to be an excellent package.

IRV HOERR (#4GTS-1 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme) -- I'm looking forward to this weekend, it seems like we always do well here. I like Watkins Glen because it's such a nice area. But, the three hour races are probably my favorite races in the IMSA schedule. It gives our crew a chance to do their job and they do a really good job. So I think it gives us an advantage and I also think that the Aurora V-8, if there is any race track in the series where we can really take advantage of that engine, it's going to be Watkins Glen.~

DARIN BRASSFIELD (#5GTS-1 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme) -- I always look forward to coming back to Watkins Glen. I think it's a proper race track. As far as being a driver, it's always been of my favorite ones. I've always done extremely well here. We had a little bad luck there last year. I thought we had a car that was capable of winning overall. We were a little bit quicker than Irv but we had a fluke problem with some lug nuts last year, they just kept coming loose. We had to go to the pits several times unexpectedly, but this year the cars have just been fabulous. The engine, the new Aurora V8 engine is just excellent. It's probably the best engine that I've ever driven in a race car. And the chassis this year are just working excellent. I think for me the team, at least for me, I think being with this team for a long time, this Brix team has really come together in the last month.

JOHNNY O'CONNELL (#75GTS-1 Nissan 300ZX) -- The championship for us is going to be a tough one to pull off. The Brix team has come into this year really tough. There's a lot of responsibility for us to give everything that we have, again it's going to be a challenge. We've had a lot of difficult things happen to us this year. It's been up-and-down, up-and-down. But the last one was down, so this weekend should be up.

PATRICK TAMBAY (#01GTS-1 Bugatti EB110 SC) -- I'm going to check to see if it is the same as it was in 1980. It probably is, but I'm not. I believe the track is the same. Basically we're going to be working on the car, since it is the first time out. We've only had four days testing in Italy with Gildo (Pallanca-Pastor), so it's going to be a lot of things to learn again in a very short amount of time.

GILDO PALLANCA-PASTOR (#01GTS-1 Bugatti EB110 SC) -- The '95 season for us is going to be a test run, especially Watkins Glen. This is the first time the car is going to race, so we have a lot of things to learn. We are here to finish the race and get the maximum points.

GIANPIERO MORETTI (#30WSC Momo/Danka Industries/Konica Business Machines, U.S.A. Ferrari 333SP) -- My first race in the States was with a Ferrari, that was only twenty-five years ago. Finally with Piero Ferrari I was able to convince him to build this car and now I'm very happy to race with Ferrari again in the States. I started racing when I was 21, now I'm 55. I believe that after 35 years I should stop, but I have an agreement with Piero that I will do all the long races -- Daytona, Sebring, Le Mans and Suzuka. So that is my schedule for next year. So I'm very sorry, I'll probably not be here in Watkins Glen again.

J.J. O'Malley Director of Communications, Watkins Glen International 737771,531@compuserve.com

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