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JASON PRIESTLEY (#27 GTS-1 Ford Mustang Cobra) -- Co-driver Scott Maxwell was in the GTS 1 class leading car, which spun and hit the wall at the exit of the Inner Loop. The team reported Maxwell got into a slippery spot, before spinning off. They are going to bring the car in and we are going to try to get it back out there.

ROB DYSON (#20 WSC Goodyear/Bandolero/H.P. Autotech Ford R & S MK III) -- What happened on the first incident on the start?-- I just over cooked it going into a corner (turn 8, heel of the boot). I got in the mud and almost got it stuck. Fortunately, I put it back in reverse and got it out of there. -- What happened the second time you spun off course? -- The same thing at the same corner only this time I was trying to avoid a spinning car and I just caught a little bit of the mud but enough to get it all over the car. -- What just happened with your co-driver John Schneider? -- Well I guess he hit the fence somewhere.

WAYNE TAYLOR (#1 WSC DANKA/Toshiba Copiers & Fax Oldsmobile R & S MK III) -- It's not bad. We lost a lot of laps because we spun off. We couldn't get it started. We had to get it towed. The starter wouldn't start it. We lost a few laps. So we're just going to see if we can make up time.

BORIS SAID (#10 GTS-3 BMW M3) -- "I feel really bad for the team, I let them down. The BMW M3 was running great, especially in the rain. It's definitely the ultimate driving machine. Just an unfortunate mistake, I trusted another driver and I crashed the car. There was an inexperienced driver out there in the #88 that spun out in the middle of the turn (Turn 11). I saw him sitting there, and I went to go by him on the outside, and the guy decided to move his car, and I drove right into him. I had nowhere to go. Yesterday I had my best finish in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series (fourth at Loudon, N.H.), I was first in class for the road racing drivers. It was definitely a good run, and I was pumped up for today." It is possible that Said will pull a shift in the #7 Red Bull BMW M3, which he would like to do, but isn't too adamant about doing. "I've done a lot of racing this weekend: I did the (NASCAR) Busch North race, the truck race (also NASCAR). Right now, I don't really care what happens, I'm really happy about the truck race." In the Busch race, the car "blew up" around lap 50.

DEREK HILL (#6 GTS-3 Yokohama BMW MK3) -- After the #10 car of Auberlen and Said was taken out of the race, Auberlen joined Hill and Javier Quiros in the #6. "Bill's the main man on the team, and we do whatever we can early in the race to give him and Javier Quiros, who are the points leaders right now, the advantage. My main goal is to get the car to the first stop of the race, and have it be somewhere up towards the front, and we were able to do that." Adding Auberlen to the rotation means Hill will not run his scheduled second shift, which, given his performances both yesterday and this afternoon, doesn't bother him at all.

ROB MORGAN (#43 Acxiom/Royal Purple/Alta/Xcel Ferrari 333SP) -- It was going really good. I have never driven this car in the rain before. It was pretty hectic out there when I did start after the cautions. I ran an awful lot of time under caution, but once we got racing and I figured the car out, things were going really well. Eliseo (Salazar) just got in the car and we put slicks back on.

JEFF JONES (#88 MSI Make-A-Wish/Winchester/Ryder Chevrolet R&S) -- Jones was involved in the turn 11 incident with car # 10. After repairs to the car, co-driver Ross Bentley took over, and re-entered the race. I was driving the car when the incident happened. We definitely had a left side hit, and the fire was caused by a punctured oil cooler. We've got a hole in the side of the car, so we're not really aerodynamic, but the car isn't running bad. We're getting some good clean laps and we'll finish even though we have some understeer. I'm going to get back in the car and we're going to put slicks back on.

WAYNE TAYLOR (#1 Danka Oldsmobile R & S MK III) -- "As I accelerated down the back straight it just started smoking, and I knew it was another blown engine. That's four engines that have blown this weekend. We're going into a race that our main sponsor sponsors the event, and we have yet to finish a race, basically. I would say I feel a little embarrassed."

DOC BUNDY (#66 GTS - 1 Ford Panoz) -- "We never should have spotted them two laps at the beginning of the race. The front sway bar came unhooked and we had to come in, because it just oversteered so badly we couldn't drive it. Then we had a problem with the fueling, because our fueler keeps forgetting to put his visor down, so we had penalties for that." The team also had a spin in turn one that set them back quite a distance. "I just got too aggressive before I had the temperature in my tires. I saw an opportunity to move back up, and I got in there in the wet, and the back end came around on me. Then I got stuck in the mud, and I couldn't put it in reverse. It was a typical bonehead move. This is fun. For most of my career, I've been in development deals, and it's a lot of fun making the car better, especially if you've got a good car to start with, and that's what this is. It drives like nothing else, it's wonderful. I can do so much with it, it was literally a ball to race."

ANDREA MONTERMINI (#30 WSC MOMO Ferrari) -- Pole sitter, was running in first place near the five hour mark, when he drove off the course into the tire wall in the heel of the boot. I don't know what happened. I think I made a mistake. Maybe I missed gear and I went straight and then the car was not able to restart. There was no motor problem, something in the gearbox. There was no other car, it was just normal.

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