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JASON PRIESTLEY (#46GS Ford Mustang) -- Was running in sixth position, when he pitted under caution, and co-driver Andy Pilgrim got into the car. We were all running in a tight pack, and I was leading into turn eight when John Heinricy put his nose inside, and that was definitely enough to get by me, and the rest came right along behind. I finally slotted in. Then the 90 car held me up for 10 or 15 laps. He was very determined to not let us by. The car is in great shape, and the cautions were no problems. Andy shouldn’t have any problems. All in all things are going very well. The Mustang is running real well. I was real happy with the car and real happy with the way I was driving.

ANDY LALLY (#7C BMW Z3) -- Retiring early from the Speedvision Cup with heavy damage, Lally was caught up in a chain reaction incident involving the class leader. "I was the fifth car in line, it looked like the red Camaro was trying to pass the leader of the compacts - the black Del Sol - and it looked like the Camaro touched the Del Sol, and it went spinning to the inside. I pulled out to assess the situation, and two of the guys in front of me did the same thing, and I didn’t know whether to keep my foot in it and try to go around it, or to go low, and see if they were going to come off. I started to go low because I thought they were going to come off the guardrail, and they didn’t, and as soon as I committed to going outside, they came off the guardrail, and they both just collected me." Lally also runs the Formula Ford 2000 series, and laughs that "Well, the first lap melee is the same. Both series are fun even though they’re really different . I like the fenders, but then again I like the speed of the open wheel." Currently running sixth in the FF 2000 points, only one point out of fifth, Lally is looking forward to returning with that series in late August.

NICK HAM (#70GS SpeedSource Mazda RX-7 Turbo) -- It’s great out there. The car is just fantastic. Everything is going just beautiful. We went and hour and a half before we pitted so if we keep getting these cautions, we’re hoping that we can go the rest of the way. If we go green the rest of the way, we’ll need to stop again. Those Pontiacs and Toyota’s are going to be tough. We went a few more laps then they did so we’ll have to wait and see.

STU HAYNER (#32GS Phoenix American Motorsports Pontiac Firebird Formula) -- We had a heck of a start. I just got done qualifying a GTS-1 car so my adrenaline was pumping and ready to go. So I was ready to go at the green. The rest of the field was taking it easy which is the right thing, to be cautious. I think we had the best car in the beginning but once the Supras and Mazdas came up to speed, it was tough. We’re a little worried about them. Once they got the heat in their tires, they came on strong. They could just blow by me on the straightaways. They’re going to be tough. I don’t know if we’ll be able to hold them off. We’ll have to see what happens because they are tough.

CHUCK GOLDSBOROUGH (#88GS Toyota Motorsports/Red Line Oil/TRD Toyota Supra) -- It’s just great! This track is great. It’s really smooth and fast out there. The Mazda’s are running really strong and the Mustangs are real tough this weekend. I think our biggest worry is the Mazdas. The only thing we’re worried about with the car is fuel. We use a little more fuel then they do. We’ll just have to wait and see. Hopefully it’ll work out in our favor. This track is long and fast baby. It’s great!

MIKE ARGETSINGER (#28 Passen Motorsports Honda Prelude Si) -- I started in eight position and drove the car up to fifth. I have never driven an hour and a half with so much time spent under full course caution, but we’re doing okay. The track is great! The paving is the best its ever been because this is the greatest race track in the world. I got this ride after helping a six hour team test their car here earlier this week. Wednesday night I got a call from Indy that a team needed help, so I said of course! My last race here was in 1995 - an SCCA National in an SSC car. I’ve raced in all kinds of classes from Dundee to Europe. This is my 32nd year in racing and my 50th year at Watkins Glen.

HURLEY HAYWOOD (#05GS Inside F1/Stand 21/MK Systems Pontiac Firebird Formula) -- After catching on fire in turn 10 -- It just burst into flames. I think it was this thing (pointing at a missing hose on the top of the engine). The flames were all over inside the car. I just bailed out. There wasn’t any warning. The motor sounded fine and was running smooth. Then there was flames. (The entire engine compartment was sorched and still smoking. There was also burn marks on the inside of the front windshield).

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