Oswego Speedway race results 2001-06-09

Greg Furlong made it three winners in three weeks in the supermodified division at Oswego Speedway as he picked up the checkered flag in the 45 lap feature event. Furlong started eleventh, passed early race leader Jamie Letcher on lap 18, and...

Greg Furlong made it three winners in three weeks in the supermodified division at Oswego Speedway as he picked up the checkered flag in the 45 lap feature event. Furlong started eleventh, passed early race leader Jamie Letcher on lap 18, and held off a furious challenge by Mike Ordway in the second half of the race for the crowd pleasing victory.

Brian Sweeney and Jamie Letcher paced the field as they came down for the start of the race. Letcher took control of the race by the second turn, while cars spread out behind looking for racing room. Jamie Moore and Tim Gareau chose the inside road, while Tim Snyder, Furlong, Ordway, and Bob Goutermout elected to use the outside groove to move by early race traffic.

The field was just getting sorted out, when the race's first yellow flag flew. Fulton's Bob Goutermout ended up in the outside wall between the third and fourth turns, putting a damper on his track title run. The car was damaged, but Bob was OK.

Letcher, Sweeney, Otto Sitterly, Todd Stowell, Jamie Moore, Tim Snyder, Tim Gareau, Ordway, Furlong and Jerry Curran filled the top ten on the restart. Once racing resumed, Ordway shot to the outside in his silver #61, and began his march to the front. He picked off Gareau on the take off. Furlong matched Ordway's move, as he followed the 61 through.

Back up front, Letcher circled the track at a 17.66 and 17.63 clip, as he built up a five car-length advantage. Ordway then pulled the potent machine to the inside by Snyder on the front stretch on lap 7, then changed lanes to the outside by Moore on lap 9.

Furlong stayed right in Ordway's tracks, following him through. Ordway's next victim was Todd Stowell, as Mike picked up fourth place out of the fourth turn. Lap 13 the scoreboard now read, Letcher, Sweeney, Sitterly, Ordway, and Furlong. Jamie still maintained his lead, but the big dogs were on their way.

Ordway and Furlong continued to have fans on the edge of their seats with their performance. Ordway kept going as he shot back to the high side of the race track, working by Sitterly's 79 for third place, again Furlong followed.

The move of the race then came on lap 15. Ordway stayed to the outside as he worked on runner up Brian Sweeney. Furlong seized the opportunity and pulled the 72 to the inside of the speedway, and took over third place from Ordway out of the third turn. Furlong got by Ordway in the turns, then stayed low and moved into second by Sweeney on the front straightaway.

Ordway changed lanes and got by Sweeney as well, but he was now behind Furlong. Letcher was still up front, but the duo was reeling him in. lap 17 the trio were bumper to bumper going for the race lead.

Greg yanked the 72 to the inside out of the second turn, and grabbed the top spot as they race down the back stretch. By the time the cars raced to the front straightaway, Ordway worked by Letcher for second place. Furlong's first lap in the lead was clocked at 17.36, as he quickly put four car-lengths between himself and the 61 car.

Traffic came into play for the first time on lap 25, which was handled like a seasoned veteran. One of the best races on the track at this point was back in fourth place, as Otto Sitterly and Tim Gareau raced side by side trading the position for laps.

Back up front, Furlong continued to pour it on as he timed in at 17.25 and 17.27 laps. Ordway was just a tick slower at 17.37, as the pair built a half track lead over the tight race for third through eighth places. Letcher, Sitterly, Gareau, Moore, Stowell, Dave Trytek, and Jeff Holbrook were racing side by side looking for the position. Sitterly got by Letcher's 58 on lap 32, and began to break away from the pack.

In this long green flag run, Furlong's lead was growing by a car length a lap, as his car ran flawlessly, while Ordway's machine was pushing out in the corners a bit.

Furlong's big lead was gone on lap 36, as the yellow flag came out for a stalled 89 on the race track. Ordway used his experience to try an outside move on the restart, but the 72 was on rails in this race. Furlong kept his line, and shortly was comfortably back in control. As Gareau maneuvered by Sitterly for third on lap 40, the yellow again flew.

The cars raced single file for a few laps, and with one to go, the caution flew again. Jeff Holbrook, who was running a fine race, came into contact with his team car of Dave Trytek, and spun. Stowell spun to miss.

Ordway again tried the outside on the restart, having one last chance to repeat his victory of two weeks again. It was not to be, as Furlong shot out, and kept the point.

When the checkers came out, Furlong passed under them two car lengths ahead of Ordway. Gareau stayed ahead of Sitterly for third, while Jamie Moore nosed out Todd Stowell for fifth.

"It was a good race, " the winner said after the race. "The car was great! It was a little loose. It was so close to perfect in the beginning. When we had the long run, the car was great. The caution it got a little looser, but those cautions made me a little nervous."

"It was pretty good, but we had a big push, " runner up Ordway said. "We were a little too tight. The car was really good, we just tightened it up too much."

The limited supermodifieds were next on the line for a 30 lap spring championship race. It was a caution flag plagued race, as many yellow flags slowed the event.

Craig Rayvals took the early lead from his pole position starting spot. Mike Gardner was the first to challenge, while Pit Watson, Dan Ferlito, John Ketcham, Jim Guyle, and Mark Regan were on their way up front.

A yellow on lap 2, then a yellow and red flag situation on lap3 stopped the race, as the speedway surface was cleaned. The car on the move after this restart was Regan's 69. He came from ninth position, up to sixth before the next slowdown, on lap 8. A first turn spin then wreck collected the top running cars of Matt Wheeler and Shawn Muldoon.

Gardner grabbed the lead from Rayvals on the restart, but couldn't pull away from the 94 car. Regan picked off another machine as he was up to fifth. A lap 11 caution bunched the field again, as the race couldn't catch a good rhythm. Wheeler again as involved, this time with Russ Brown.

This restart, Gardner and Rayvals pulled away from the Guyle, Ferlito and Regan fifth place battle. The leaders timed in at 19.62 laps, as they led by eight lengths over the rest of the field in the double point race.

Regan made an impressive move, as he passed Ferlito, then wheeled by Guyle for third. Lap 23 saw leader Gardner put his hand in the air, signaling he was in trouble, and out of the race. Rayvals took the lead for the second time of the event, and laps were winding down.

A lap 26 spin by Steve Austin bunched the field together, putting Regan's 69 on Rayvals back bumper. Regan went to the outside on the restart, but couldn't get by.

Lap 28, Regan made his move. As they raced down the back straightaway, Regan won the drag race and picked up the lead. He timed in a last lap at 20.01, and came away with the impressive victory as he crossed under the checkered flag with his fist in the air.

News and Notes...There were 25 supermodifieds, 36 limiteds and 12 street stocks in the pits. Heat races were won by Tony White and Lou Levea in stocks, Mike Gardner John Ketcham, Matt Wheeler, and Ed Watson in limiteds, while Greg Furlong, Mike Ordway and Tim Snyder won supermod heats. Russ Brown and Francis Rowe won limited consolation races. Regan and Furlong took over the point lead after their wins. The wins were Furlong's ninth career feature win in supermodifieds, while it was Regan's 6th feature win in limiteds. After a quick start to the evening, the supermodified feature was flagged off at 8:15pm. Lou Cicconi won both ISMA races this weekend, at Toledo and Berlin Speedway's. Saturday night is a regular night of racing for Oswego's regular three divisions, with an added bonus of the MBNA Cup Light cars. Gates open at 4pm, with the first heat race at 6pm sharp.



1. Tony White (4) 2. Kelly Miller (8) 3. Bill Moore (5) 4. Earl Sixberry Jr (95) 5. Sam Bradford Jr (0) 6. Lonnie Mills (43) DNS


1. Lou LeVea (96) 2. Rich Palmer (21) 3. Joe Miller (9) 4. David Bock (85) 5. Rob Pullen (2) 6. Chris Lupa (46) DNS


1. Tony White (4) 2. Lou LeVea (96) 3. Rich Palmer (21) 4. Bill Moore (5) 5. Chris Lupa (46) 6. Earl Sixberry Jr (95) 7. Kelly Miller (8) 8. Sam Bradford Jr (0) 9. Joe Miller (9) 10. Rob Pullen (2) 11. David Bock (85) 12. Lonnie Mills (43)



1. Mike Gardner (6) 2. Craig Rayvals (94) 3. Jim Guyle (20) 4. Steve Austin (66) 5. Gregg Davis (90) 6. Russ Brown (18) 7. Danny Kapuscinski (00) 8. Mike Bocyck (51) 9. Andy Noto (19)


1. John Ketcham Jr (11) 2. Chris Proud (3) 3. Shawn Walker (68) 4. Jack Patrick (9) 5. JJ Andrews (93) 6. Star Matteson (82) 7. Dan Stagnitta (28) 8. Guard Nearbin (78) 9. Jeff Bartlett (24)


1. Matt Wheeler (96) 2. Shawn Muldoon (80) 3. Bill Izyk (1) 4. Mike Bond (7) 5. Tim Falter (71) 6. Chip Wood (5) 7. Scott Richmond (02) 8. Lou LeVea (43) 9. Carl Crawford (98)


1. Ed Watson Jr (42) 2. Mark Regan (69) 3. Dan Ferlito (55) 4. Bob Rundell (33) 5. Russ Bartlett (26) 6. Bob Andrews (50) 7. Francis Rowe (59) 8. Dana Cunningham (95) 9. Wayne Wideman (15)


1. Russ Brown (18) 2. Scott Richmond (02) 3. Danny Kapuscinski (00) 4. Andy Noto (19) 5. Chip Wood (5) 6. Lou LeVea (43) 7. Carl Crawford (98) 8. Mike Bocyck (51)


1. Francis Rowe (59) 2. Guard Nearbin (78) 3. Bob Andrews (50) 4. Wayne Wideman (15) 5. Jeff Bartlett (24) 6. Star Matteson (82) 7. Dan Stagnitta (28) 8. Dana Cunningham (95) DNS


1. Mark Regan (69) 2. Craig Rayvals (94) 3. Jim Guyle (20) 4. Dan Ferlito (55) 5. Steve Austin (66) 6. Bob Rundell (33) 7. JJ Andrews (93) 8. Bill Izyk (1) 9. Matt Wheeler (96) 10. Bob Andrews (50) 11. Danny Kapuscinski (00) 12. Scott Richmond (02) 13. Tim Falter (71) 14. Jack Patrick (9) 15. Francis Rowe (59) 16. Russ Brown (18) 17. Russ Bartlett (26) 18. Mike Bond (7) 19. Gregg Davis (90) 20. Chris Proud (3) 21. Mike Gardner (6) 22. Shawn Walker (68) 23. Ed Watson Jr (42) 24. Shawn Muldoon (80) 25. Guard Nearbin (78) 26. John Ketcham Jr (11)



1. Greg Furlong (72) 2. Jamie Moore (88) 3. Dave Trytek (35) 4. Brian Sweeney (3) 5. Scott Eldred (15) 6. Vern LaFave (97) 7. Dave Halstead (34)


1. Mike Ordway (61) 2. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 3. Otto Sitterly (79) 4. Jerry Curran (24) 5. Bob Bond (25) 6. Hal LaTulip (56) 7. Bill Peri (14) 8. Dave Allen (39)


1. Tim Snyder (0) 2. Bob Goutermout (77) 3. Jamie Letcher (58) 4. Todd Stowell (89) 5. Jeff Holbrook (70) 6. Pat Lavery (99) 7. Howard Page (75) 8. Shannon Groves (07)


1. Greg Furlong (72) 2. Mike Ordway (61) 3. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 4. Otto Sitterly (79) 5. Jamie Moore (88) 6. Todd Stowell (89) 7. Brian Sweeney (3) 8. Jeff Holbrook (70) 9. Scott Eldred (15) 10. Hal LaTulip (56) 11. Dave Trytek (35) 12. Tim Snyder (0) 13. Pat Lavery (99) 14. Jamie Letcher (58) 15. Bob Bond (25) 16. Shannon Groves (07) 17. Jerry Curran (24) 18. Bill Peri (14) 19. Howard Page (75) 20. Bob Goutermout (77) 21. Vern LaFave (97) 22. Dave Halstead 34, 23. Dave Allen 39


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