Oswego Speedway race results 2001-05-26

New Hampshire's Mike Ordway and Canadian Dave McKnight were the big winners at Oswego Speedway Saturday night as each picked up a victory in 50 lap features in the Jim Shampine Memorial races. Ordway took the lead on lap 22 from Jamie Moore and ...

New Hampshire's Mike Ordway and Canadian Dave McKnight were the big winners at Oswego Speedway Saturday night as each picked up a victory in 50 lap features in the Jim Shampine Memorial races. Ordway took the lead on lap 22 from Jamie Moore and drove off for the win in the regular portion of the event. McKnight chased down Russ Woos and passed the 5- time ISMA champion with six laps to go in the ISMA feature event.

Jamie Moore and Shannon Groves started the first feature from the front row, with Moore taking the lead in his 88 car. Greg Furlong, Joe Payne and Mike Ordway elected to use the outside of the race surface to move to the front, while Tim Gareau and Bob Goutermout went to the outside. The field settled into a race pace early, with Moore timing in at 17.81 and 17.79 early in the race.

Moore's lead early in the race was 10 car-lengths, as Groves, Tim Snyder, Jerry Curran, Todd Stowell, Jamie Letcher, Payne, Otto Sitterly, and Ordway followed.

Furlong had the #72 on the move on the outside as he shot by Letcher, then set his sights on Stowell's 89 car. Furlong went by the 89 on lap 11, and Ordway was right in Furlong's tire tracks, following close behind. Curran, and Snyder were next on the duo's list, as in the next few laps Furlong and Ordway were in third and fourth places.

Back up front, Moore remained in control of the race, with Groves still trailing. The first yellow flag of the race came on lap 14, as a third turn wreck first slowed, then stopped the action. The cars of Tim Gareau, Tim Proud, Brian Sweeney, Scott Eldred and Ray Graham were all involved. An oil fire flared up on Proud's 22, and Graham pulled Proud from his wrecked machine. Proud was taken to the Oswego Hospital as a precaution. Eldred's car was the only one to continue after the accident.

Once racing resumed, the field stayed in line, looking for racing room. Ordway was the first to step out of line, as he passed Snyder's 0 for fourth place on lap 18. He kept the momentum going as he wheeled his Clyde Booth prepared #61 alongside of the Furlong 72 one lap later for third. The same lap, Ordway hugged the 61 to the inside,and raced his way by Groves for second place. This time, Furlong followed Ordway through.

The scoreboard now read, Moore, Ordway and Furlong. Lap 22 was when Ordway made his move for the lead of the race. Once in front, Ordway showed he had the faster car, as he quickly put five car lengths between himself and his nearest contenders. His first lap in the lead, he stopped watches at 17.61.

Lap 27 Furlong swung his way into second place by Moore, .99 seconds behind race leader Ordway. They came into race traffic on lap 30, and Furlong chopped away at the lead. Within a few laps, the difference was only two car lengths, while Moore was 10 lengths behind in third. Groves, Snyder, Goutermout, Payne, Curran, Page and Sitterly trailed.

A lap 34 Jeff Holbrook spin slowed the furious action. Racing had a hard time getting going as a 4 car wreck stopped the action on the restart. Very LaFave and Gene Lee Gibson got together, with Bob Bond and Bill Peri also getting involved.

>From there on, Ordway pulled away easily. His lead grew to a full straightaway, as he clearly had the superior car late in the race. Ordway consistently timed at mid 17.4's. When the checkers came out, Ordway's margin of victory was 3.86 seconds ahead of Furlong.

As the top five crossed the finish line, a major wreck occurred on the front straightaway. The 18 of Page got sideways, and Otto Sitterly's 79 came into contact, sending the 79 into a barrel roll on the front straightaway. Dave Trytek and Jerry Curran were also involved. All the drivers were uninjured in the scary looking accident.

"The car handled great tonight, " Ordway said after his 19th career supermodified win. "We kept it clean, and had a good run. It's real nice to come back here and win. This is a tough place to win."

DJ Shullick raced quickly from his inside second row starting spot to grab the lead in the ISMA feature by the third turn of lap 1. Further back, Chris Perley, Russ Wood, Dave McKnight and Joey Payne looked for racing room from their midpack starting spots.

By lap 5, Shullick built a full straightaway lead, as his pre race plan was to build as big a lead as he could before all the top contenders could run him down. Times in the 16.87 range saw the #38 come up to race traffic by lap 9. Perley and Wood used both the inside and outside grooves as they worked their way to fifth and sixth positions on lap10.

Lap 13 saw Shullick's lead up to 2.77 seconds ahead of the Patco team cars of McKnight and Doug Saunier. Lou Cicconi, Perley, Wood, Payne, Timmy Jedrzejek, Kenny Bell, and Howie Lane rounded out the top ten at this juncture of the race.

Wood and Perley continued their march forward, as they had thrilling duel going, working their way by Cicconi, then Saunier before the crossed flags part of the race. Back up front, McKnight began chopping at DJ's lead, as it was now cut in half, to 1.33 seconds. Wood, Perley, and Cicconi were a full straightaway behind rounding out the top five.

The complexion of the race changed just two laps later. Leader Shullick spun the #38 in the fourth turn, ending his dreams of an Oswego checkered flag. This put McKnight in control of the race, with Wood and Perley on his back deck.

These three pulled away on the get go. Wood challenged for the lead and took it on lap 33, as he shot the 29 by the blue 94 on the inside of the front straightaway. Wood's first lap in the lead was the quickest of the race at that point as he clocked in a 16.19.

He couldn't shake McKnight, as the lead was 5 car lengths. There were cars all around the race track, and the leaders were constantly in traffic. Lap 44 saw Wood make a wrong decision in traffic, and McKnight made him pay. McKnight drove around the 29 in traffic, and came out of the back straightaway with the lead. McKnight led by 2 lengths, but that would be all he would need. He drove the last six laps flawlessly, and took the checkered flag just ahead of Wood, Perley, Cicconi and Joey Payne.

"This place was my home for 10 years, ' McKnight said in victory lane after the race. "I had to change my breaks, then the car ran great. This is three in a row here, and nobody has done that, " exclaimed the ecstatic winner.

The limited supermodifieds put on a competitive 25 lap feature on Shampine Memorial night. Craig Rayvals and Shawn Walker started the race up front, with Rayvals taking the lead. It took a couple of times to get racing, as a couple of first lap incidents slowed things down.

Rayvals took the lead when the green flag started the race, with Mark Regan closely behind. Walker, Ed Watson and Bill Izyk looked for racing room as the race got going.

Izyk had the car on the move early in the race, as the 1 car was steadily moving forward from his inside fourth row starting position. By the third lap, he worked his way to fifth, and challenging to go closer to the front.

Next time by he shot by Regan for second, and Izyk clearly had the fastest car on the race track. Lap six, he made his move for the lead, as he slipped his #1 to the inside exiting the second turn by the 94 of Rayvals. Izyk had the race lead by the time they raced into the third turn.

A yellow flag on lap 9 brought Izyk back to the pack. Regan took advantage of the caution flag, as he took over second place, passing Rayvals on the restart. Russ brown and Shawn Muldoon wanted to be a players in this race too, as they worked their way up to fourth and fifth.

A yellow flag on lap 14 slowed the action, and the top five cars of Izyk, Regan, Brown, Muldoon and Rayvals were now bumper to bumper. Brown picked off Regan on the restart, and set sail after the leader. They raced single file at 19.77 clips around the track, with Brown waiting for Izyk to make a mistake. Muldoon shuffled Regan to fourth, as it was a four car bumper to bumper shootout for the win.

Izyk kept his cool, and held off the challenges for the win in the 25 lap limited feature event.

News and Notes...There were 32 ISMA supers, 27 Oswego supermodifieds, 31 limiteds, and 11 street stocks in the pits. ISMA heat race wins went to Joey Payne, Kenny Bell, and Russ Wood, while Oswego super wins were taken by Shannon Groves, Mike Ordway, and Jamie Moore. Limited checkered flags went to mark Regan, Matt Wheeler, and Bob Rundell, while Kelly Miller and Lou Levea won street stock heats. Consolation wins went to Mike Gardner, Joe Hawskby Jr(ISMA), and Gary Morton. Jamie Letcher, Jamie Moore and Howard Page each ran one car in both Oswego and ISMA races, while Joey Payne, Greg Furlong, and Joey Hawksby ran different cars in each division. Florida's Robert Parrow made his Oswego debut memorable as he severely damaged his 21 after hitting the wall in the consolation race. Next Sunday the modifieds return to Oswego Speedway. Race time is 1pm, with the highlight a 75 lap Sunoco series modified race. Next regular Oswego race is June 9th. Gates open at 4pm, with race time 6pm.

<pre> SUPERMODIFIED FEATURE (50) 1. Mike Ordway (61) 2. Greg Furlong (72) 3. Jamie Moore (88) 4. Shannon Groves (07) 5. Bob Goutermout (77) 6. Tim Snyder (0) 7. Jerry Curran (24) 8. Otto Sitterly (79) 9. Dave Trytek (70) 10. Scott Eldred (15) 11. Gary Morton (99) 12. Howard Page (18) 13. Jeff Holbrook (35) 14. Todd Stowell (89) 15. Bill Peri (14) 16. Joe Payne (66) 17. Gene Lee Gibson (7) 18. Bob Bond (25) 19. Vern LaFave (97) 20. Jamie Letcher (58) 21. Brian Sweeney (3) 22. Tim Gareau Jr (5) 23. Tim Proud (22) 24. Ray Graham Jr (90)

ISMA FEATURE (50) 1. Dave McKnight (94) 2. Russ Wood (29) 3. Chris Perley (11) 4. Lou Cicconi (75) 5. Joe Payne (66) 6. Joe Gosek (26) 7. Tim Jedrzejek (7) 8. Dave Shullick Jr (38) 9. Greg Furlong (72) 10. Doug Saunier (84) 11. Howie Lane (97) 12. Joe Petro (99) 13. Howard Page (18) 14. Jack Smith (83) 15. Jamie Timmons (27) 16. Jamie Moore (88) 17. Kenny Bell (32) 18. John Payne (67) 19. Joe Hawksby Jr (21) 20. Nokie Fornoro (4) 21. Scott Martel (14) 22. Jim Shirey (72) 23. Mark Sammut (78) 24. Jamie Letcher (58) 25. Randy Ritskes (16)

LIMITED FEATURE (25) 1. Bill Izyk (1) 2. Russ Brown (18) 3. Shawn Muldoon (80) 4. Mark Regan (69) 5. John Ketcham Jr (11) 6. Gregg Davis (89) 7. Craig Rayvals (94) 8. Shawn Walker (68) 9. Bob Rundell (33) 10. Jim Guyle (20) 11. Jack Patrick (9) 12. Ed Watson Jr (43) 13. Tim Falter (71) 14. Keith Gilliam (59) 15. Chip Wood (5) 16. Dan Ferlito (55) 17. Steve Austin (66) 18. Russ Bartlett (26) 19. Bob Andrews (50) 20. Jeff Bartlett (24) 21. Mike Bond (7) 22. JJ Andrews (93) 23. Matt Wheeler (96) 24. Mike Gardner (6) 25. Chris Proud (3)

SUPER STOCK FEATURE (20) 1. Lou LeVea (96) 2. Kelly Miller (8) 3. Joe Miller (9) 4. Bill Moore (5) 5. Lonnie Mills (43) 6. Rob Pullen (2) 7. Craig Nelson (95) 8. Sam Bradford Jr (0) 9. David Bock (85) 10. Chris Lupa (46)


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