Daytona Saturday qualifying results and notes

EXXON SERIES FINAL QUALIFYING NOTES -- 10-5-96 DAYTONA INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAY EXXON SUPREME GTS-1 IRV HOERR (No. 1 GTE/Mobilnet Oldsmobile Aurora) -- (Track record for GTS-1, breaking mark of 1:50.071/116.433 mph set by teammate Darin...


EXXON SUPREME GTS-1 IRV HOERR (No. 1 GTE/Mobilnet Oldsmobile Aurora) -- (Track record for GTS-1, breaking mark of 1:50.071/116.433 mph set by teammate Darin Brassfield in qualifying for the 1996 Rolex 24 At Daytona.) We're happy with that but I wish we were first and second -- but we ended up not taking enough tires out there, I think. Darin probably could've run a good enough lap to beat me or beat second (No. 6 Ford Mustang of Dibos/Simo). When we ran yesterday it was a little bit wet so we knew we could go quicker today. The whole weekend is a lot of fun (not having to worry about championship points). We can't get too carried away in the race because we want to finish the race and get a good result. We have been running them a little bit harder -- a couple hundred rpm more than normal. We'll do that as long as we have to stay in front. I ran the quick lap early. The tires are the best on about the second lap out. That's when I did my quick lap. After that the rears go away so in the race you're going to have to be careful and conserve tires. Caution flags will be a key element. If it goes green the whole way we'll do the driver change after the second pit stop. Even if we have to change under green we can do it faster than they can fuel the car.

EXXON WORLD SPORTSCAR WAYNE TAYLOR (No. 4 Danka/Konica Oldsmobile R&S Mk. 3) -- The conditions are one thing but yesterday we put no emphasis on qualifying -- there was no point. It was wet and dry and we just decided there was no point. The championship was at stake. Today it was dry and we just wanted to get a feel of where the car was for the race. We ran our race set-up for qualifying (and was under the former WSC track record) and we're really very happy. We found an intermediate set-up that will work in the dry as well as in the wet. (HIS OUTLOOK ON THE RACE IN THE FACE OF AN ONGOING BATTLE WITH THE FLU.) I'm trying not to think about it. When I'm in the car I feel fine -- it's when I get out that I feel bad. I've just got to do it -- there's nothing else I can do! I might have to conserve some energy in the race. It just depends what sort of race it's going to be. I've done this before. I'm trying to get as much rest as I can and drink as much fluids as I can. It's been two weeks now that I've been sick, but I'm feeling a lot better than I was a week ago, when I was in bed. These (cool) weather conditions are certainly helping it. If it was in the 90s I'd really be in trouble.

ELISEO SALAZAR (No. 3 Playpisto/Cristal/Mobil 1 Ferrari 333 SP) -- (Track record for WSC, breaking previous mark of 1:41.224/126.610 mph set in qualifying for the 1996 Rolex 24 At Daytona by Didier Theys.) The session was nearly perfect. On the first couple laps I had a little bit of traffic and did a (one minute) 42.2 or something like that. Then I stopped for new tires and got a couple clear laps and I knew it was a very good lap. I thought it was a 41 but it was a 40.5! As soon as they told me I parked it! I've always liked this place. I'm so glad to have the lap record. I would've liked for it to be on pole, too, but I guess that's not the way it goes, with the conditions. I don't think I could've gone any quicker. I think that was absolutely on the edge. In the back chicane I went quicker than I have ever been through there. Maybe I could've gone a couple tenths faster, but I don't think I could've done a 39.9 -- 40.5 was quite impressive for me! (ON RACE STRATEGY.) Andy Evans, the team owner, is coming tomorrow and he's going to decide what to do. In principle I'm going to start the race and try to make an advantage and let Antonio (Hermann) drive at the end. Hopefully he'll keep the lead. That's the way we want to do it but Andy will decide tomorrow. I still have 24 hours to bask in having the lap record and I will take some time to recover from this. This year (Rolex 24) was a big disappointment because I had an accident at Disney World (preparing for IRL season opener) the week before. I was not able to do the 24 hours so I'm looking forward to this race, and to next year's 24-hour. With Ferrari I think we can win the race.

STARTING LINEUP, IMSA FINALE AT DAYTONA (top 10 and class poles -- front row qualifying in wet conditions, Saturday 2nd round qualifying in dry conditions) (car number in parentheses)

1. (20) Leitzinger/Paul Jr/Wallace/Dyson, Ford R&S Mk. 3, 1:51.366, 115.08; 2. (30) Papis/Moretti/Theys, Ferrari 333 SP, 1:51.392, 115.05; 3. (3) Salazar/Hermann/Evans, Ferrari 333 SP, 1:40.595, 127.40 mph (WSC track record); 4. (4) Taylor, Oldsmobile R&S Mk. 3, 1:42.010, 125.63; 5. (66) Theys/Jackson/Papis, Ferrari 333 SP, 1:42.322, 125.25; 6. (16) Wallace/Paul Jr/Leitzinger/Dyson, Ford R&S Mk. 3, 1:42.748, 124.73; 7. (15) Pace/Taylor, Oldsmobile R&S Mk. 3, 1:45.553, 121.41; 8. (8) Camferdam/Mandeville/Morgan, Chevrolet Hawk C-8, 1:45.658, 121.29; 9. (2) O'Connell/Nelson/Clark, Ford R&S Mk. 3, 1:45.991, 120.91; 10. (43) Payne/Bentley/Cochran, Oldsmobile R&S Mk. 3, 1:46.105, 120.78; 11. (1GTS-1) Hoerr/Gooding, Oldsmobile Aurora, 1:49.186, 117.37 (GTS-1 track record); 27. (98GTS-2) Pilgrim/Schumacher, Porsche 911, 1:57.501, 109.07; (60 cars scheduled to start).

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