BMW Notes & Quotes: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

BMW Notes & Quotes: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 27 September, 1997 PTG BMW M3 NOTES AND QUOTES Exxon Supreme GT Series - GTS-3 Children's Hospital of Denver Grand Prix Pikes Peak International Raceway Test Day - Thursday, September 25,...

BMW Notes & Quotes: Thursday, Friday, Saturday

27 September, 1997

PTG BMW M3 NOTES AND QUOTES Exxon Supreme GT Series - GTS-3 Children's Hospital of Denver Grand Prix Pikes Peak International Raceway Test Day - Thursday, September 25, 1997


DIETER QUESTER (No. 7 RED BULL/FINA/YOKOHAMA BMW M3) - "The track for me was very good today. It had good grip and the car is reasonably good, but we will make some changes to the suspension for the second session and hope to find another four-tenths. It's an easy track, but I don't like the banking so much but we have to live with it."

BORIS SAID (No. 10 YOKOHAMA BMW M3 FOUR-DOOR) - "It went pretty good, the track is kind of fun. It's going to be hard to pass, the infield is kind of tight. The banking is a lot of fun; it's really fast. It's almost flat out, but not quite flat out, so it puts the fear of God in you a little. The cars are running good, but I think if they incorporate some oval track set up stuff here it will be a lot better."

BILL AUBERLEN (No. 10 YOKOHAMA BMW M3 FOUR-DOOR) - "Initially you go out and it is a piece of cake, and then unlike other tracks where you start going after three-tenth or four-tenths, you are going for a tenth at a time. It is important to get every single turn right on the money. Car set up here is going to play a very important role because we are seeing tires just get red hot on other cars and we always have an advantage with our Yokohama tires, so that is going to benefit us."

JAVIER QUIROS (No. 6 YOKOHAMA BMW M3) - "I took the car in the second part of the session. Derek (Hill) made some little changes in the car, which were very helpful. It looks like Derek and me are very similar in likes on the car. I went out and liked the car. This is a testing day, so we want to change some things. We eliminated the front spoiler, the big one. We didn't loose anything in the infield, but we lost a little in turn one. Now we will make the suspension a little harder. The track is very nice, and I think a safe track also."

DEREK HILL (No. 6 YOKOHAMA BMW M3) - "The first session went better than usual for a first session. Javier and I were able to make many changes to the car and make progress, so we are almost dialed into the set up we would like to have for the race. We are trying to think of everything we can to get the most out of this track. This track favors left hand turns a lot. So we are taking that into consideration when we set up the car."

JOHN PAUL, JR. (No.5 CONOCO BMW M3 FOUR-DOOR) - "The car is good, Eduardo (Pellerano) was super fast right away. I'm still fairly slow through the banking, but I'm trying to come to terms with it, trying not to hurt the car. The track is kind of follow the leader in the infield. It has some character to it, it has some rhythm."

PTG BMW M3 NOTES AND QUOTES Exxon Supreme GT Series - GTS-3 Children's Hospital of Denver Grand Prix Pikes Peak International Raceway Practice- Friday, September 26, 1997

NEW BMW M3 FOUR-DOOR DEBUTS AT PIKES PEAK - PTG has entered a second BMS M3 four-door that will be driven by veteran SportsCar driver John Paul, Jr. and Eduardo Pellerano, of the Dominican Republic. They will drive the No.5 Conoco/ Interstate Batteries/Budget Rental Car BMW M3 four-door.

DOUBLE DUTY - BMW M3 drivers, John Paul, Jr., Derek Hill and Boris Said are each racing in addition events this weekend. Paul is racing for Dyson Racing as teammate to Exxon World SportsCar Championship series points leader Butch Leitzinger. Hill will drive a BMW 328i in the 3-hour Speedvision Cup. While Hill and Paul will have a busy weekend; Said will be the busiest BMW M3 driver this weekend. He participated in GTS-3 testing on Thursday, then flew to Charlotte, N.C and made the hour-and-a-half drive to Martinsville, Va. Thursday night to be ready to drive his NASCAR Craftsman Truck in Friday practice and qualifying. He races in Martinsville on Saturday at 1 p.m. ET then drives to Greensboro, N.C. to catch a flight back to Colorado Springs. He arrives at 10:30 p.m. MT. The Exxon Supreme GT race is scheduled for 3 p.m. on Sunday.

DORSEY SCHROEDER GETS BEHIND THE WHEEL OF BMW M3 - Dorsey Schroeder, 1989 SCCA Trans Am champion, took the wheel of the No. 7 Red Bull/ Fina/Yokohama BMW M3 in the morning practice session, subbing for Marc Duez, who was suffering from back and neck stiffness. Duez returned for the afternoon session. Of his time behind the wheel of the M3, Schroeder said, "I've run with these cars before, but to drive it is a really interesting deal. It's a very stiff but a forgiving car. It doesn't do anything that you don't expect it to. It's pretty progressive, when it steps out and gets loose on you; you know its going to. You have to kind of force it loose. The motor is wonderful. It's got such a broad power band on the thing. If you make a mistake and have to get out of the throttle; it doesn't just kill you on the power. With this car, you just get back on the throttle and drive off like the mistake was never even there."

BILL AUBERLEN (No. 10 YOKOHAMA BMW M3 FOUR-DOOR) - "The track seemed to have slowed down quite a bit. A lot of wind going on which slows you down on an oval. The car is working good, we were quick. But the 39 car wasn't out there, so we don't where he is at. The tires are good from Yokohama, we've been working with a number of different compounds, I think I found one I like."

DEREK HILL (No. 6 YOKOHAMA BMW M3) - "For the last session, we were happy with the setup of the car. We've been working on all sorts of setups for the car. It's come down mainly to a tire thing. We made a compromise with Yokohama and we are all agreeing on what tire to use. The tires we used this session are just what we are looking for. Javier and I feel really confident for this race."

DIETER QUESTER (No. 7 RED BULL/FINA/YOKOHAMA BMW M3) - "The track for me today was very good, it is slower than yesterday. Maybe it is a little more oily and it is hotter as well. I'm pleased with my time. There are two- or three-tenths in the car still. Maybe I could do a very high 55-second lap. For the afternoon session we have to do a lot of things on the car."

EDUARDO PELLERANO (No. 5 CONOCO BMW M3 FOUR-DOOR) - "We did not improve as substantially as we hoped. We made some adjustments last night and we still need to make some more adjustments. But the car obviously has the potential. The BMW M3 four-door is an excellent driving machine. I'm delighted to be a part of the team and to have Tom (Milner) and the rest of the boys and the other drivers with us."

JAVIER QUIROS (No. 6 YOKOHAMA BMW M3) - "We tried new tires. They held very nice at the beginning; they get loose a little bit at the third or fourth lap. But the car doesn't push at all. I think we got very neutral. We tried a lower gurney in the back to have less push. We are looking to have a car set for the race, not for qualifying."

PTG BMW M3 NOTES AND QUOTES Exxon Supreme GT Series - GTS-3 Children's Hospital of Denver Grand Prix Pikes Peak International Raceway Qualifying- Saturday, September 27, 1997

FOUR PTG BMW M3s will start the in the inaugural Exxon Supreme GT race at Pikes Peak International Raceway - the 1-hour and 45-minute race starts at 3 p.m. on Sunday, September 28.

BMW M3 Starting Positions: No. 10 - Bill Auberlen, Boris Said 2nd No. 7 - Dieter Quester, Marc Duez 7th No. 5 - John Paul, Jr., Eduardo Pellerano 8th No. 6 - Derek Hill, Javier Quiros 14th

BMW M3 DOUBLE - Javier Quiros will also drive a BMW M3 in the Grand Sports division of the Speedvision Cup for Massar Muller Racing. He will be teamed with Terry Borcheller.

BILL AUBERLEN (No. 10 YOKOHAMA BMW M3 FOUR-DOOR) - "It's pretty much as we expected, we're right behind the Porsche. We're running a little bit different strategy this weekend. We are preparing more for the race than qualifying and we're trying to build longevity into our tires and to our car, so that it's not just going to be fast for four or five laps, it going to be fast for 25 or 30 laps. We're working very hard on that because this track's going to be brutal on tires. So, we're conditioning our tires and doing different things to get us to victory lane first."

DEREK HILL (No. 6 YOKOHAMA BMW M3) - "We definitely have a car that's going to work well for us in the race. As far as qualifying, I didn't quite reach the time I was hoping to get down to. I think the track was a little more slippery this morning. That and the combination of us trying to lower the gurney on the rear wing made the car different from what we had yesterday. We may try to go back to our previous set up for the race. But it's looking good."

MARC DUEZ (No. 7 RED BULL/FINA/YOKOHAMA BMW M3) - "We had a flat tire and the rules say that you cannot change the tires in the qualifying session. So the time I did in the first lap is now our time for the staring grid. This was a very bad time. It was only good enough for second place. The race is long, and I think we can improve, and I hope we finish on the podium."

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