WM: Irwindale Turkey Night 1934-2001 top-five

<pre> The Annual Thanksgiving Night Grand Prix ("Turkey Night") Top Five - 1934 Through 2001 YEAR TRACK LAPS FIRST SECOND THIRD FOURTH FIFTH 1934 Gilmore ...

<pre> The Annual Thanksgiving Night Grand Prix ("Turkey Night") Top Five - 1934 Through 2001

YEAR    TRACK           LAPS            FIRST                   SECOND           THIRD             FOURTH               FIFTH
1934    Gilmore         75 laps         Bob Swanson             Art Scovell      Bill Smile        Pat Warren           Jimmy Miller
1935    Gilmore         100 laps        Ted Sizemore            Pat Warren       Karl Young        Andy Guthrie         Bob Ware
1936    Gilmore         150 laps        Ronney Householder      Sam Hanks        Lou Schneider     Pat Cunningham       Johnny McDowell
1937    Gilmore         150 laps        Ronney Householder      Sam Hanks        Lou Schneider     Karl Young           Mel Hansen
1938    Gilmore         150 laps        Bob Swanson             Sam Hanks        Mel Hansen        Pat Cunningham       Fred Friday
1939    Gilmore         150 laps        Mel Hansen              Bob Swanson      Fred Friday       Andy Guthrie         Pat Cunningham
1940    Gilmore         150 laps        Roy Russing             Ed Haddad        Pat Cunningham    Swede Lindskog       Paul Swedberg
1941    Gilmore         150 laps        Roy Russing             Duke Nalon       Danny Oakes       Sport Briggs         Ronney Householder
1945    Gilmore         75 laps         Danny Oakes             Perry Grimm      Duane Carter      Russ Fields          Jerry Piper
1946    Gilmore         100 laps        Perry Grimm             Ed Haddad        Johnny McDowell   Danny Oakes          Joe Garson
1947    Gilmore         150 laps        Johnny McDowell         Johnnie Parsons  Mel Hansen        Bob Pankratz         Danny Oakes
1948    Gilmore         150 laps        Bill Vukovich           Walt Faulkner    Karl Young        Allen Heath          Bill Zaring
1949    Gilmore         150 laps        Perry Grimm             Bill Vukovich    Norm Holtkamp     Joe Garson           Ray Crawford
1950    Gilmore         150 laps        Bill Zaring             Bobby Ball       Perry Grimm       Allen Heath          Joe Garson
1955    Gardena         150 laps        Johnnie Parsons         Johnny Boyd      Jimmy Reece       Danny Oakes          Rodger Ward
1956    Gardena         150 laps        Edgar Elder             Johnnie Parsons  Rodger Ward       Jimmie Davies        Danny Oakes
1957    Gardena         150 laps        George Amick            Johnnie Parsons  Johnnie Tolan     Joe Garson           Bob Cortner
1958    Gardena         150 laps        Joe Garson              Rodger Ward      Dempsey Wilson    Johnnie Parsons      George Amick
1959    Gardena         150 laps        Tony Bettenhausen       Rodger Ward      Danny Oakes       Johnnie Parsons      Tommy Cobb
1960    Ascot           122 laps        A.J. Foyt               Jim Hurtubise    Parnelli Jones    Porky Rachwitz       Jimmie Davies
1961    Ascot           150 laps        A.J. Foyt               Parnelli Jones   Jim Hurtubise     Jimmie Davies        Lloyd Corbin
1962    Ascot           150 laps        Billy Cantrell          Johnny Moorhouse Mel Kenyon        Bob Tattersall       Mike McGreevy
1963    Ascot           150 laps        Mel Kenyon              Tommy Copp       Parnelli Jones    Tom Sellberg         Johnnie Tolan
1964    Ascot           150 laps        Parnelli Jones          Don Horvath      Mel Kenyon        Tommy Copp           A.J. Foyt
1965    Ascot           150 laps        Dick Atkins             Bob Wente        Tommy Copp        Lowell Sachs         Billy Mehner
1966    Ascot           150 laps        Parnelli Jones          Billy Vukovich   Johnny Moorhouse  Billy Mehner         Al Henderson
1967    Ascot           150 laps        Gary Bettenhausen       Bruce Walkup     Mike McGreevy     Mario Andretti       Hank Butcher
1968    Ascot           150 laps        Sam Sessions            Billy Vukovich   Mel Kenyon        George Benson        Chuck Arnold
1969    Ascot           100 laps        George Benson           Mike McGreevy    Dave Strickland   Johnny Parsons       Jimmy Caruthers
1970    Ascot           100 laps        Gary Bettenhausen       Rick Goudy       Les Scott         Tom Bigelow          Jimmy Caruthers
1971    Ascot           100 laps        Bill Engelhart          Billy Vukovich   Mel Kenyon        Gary Bettenhausen    Pancho Carter
1972    Ascot           100 laps        Tony Simon              Mel Kenyon       Pancho Carter     Billy Vukovich       Danny McKnight
1973    Ascot           100 laps        Bill Engelhart          Tommy Astone     Jan Opperman      Chuck Gurney         Chris Cumberworth
1974    Ascot           100 laps        Danny McKnight          Pancho Carter    Jerry Weeks       Gary Irvin           George Snider
1975    Speedway 605    100 laps        Mel Kenyon              Roy Cook, Jr.    Larry Patton      Johnny Parsons       Rick Goudy
1976    Ascot           100 laps        Bubby Jones             Mike Shaw        Lealand McSpadden Tom Bigelow          Steve Troxell
1977    Ascot           100 laps        Gary Patterson          Mel Kenyon       Johnny Parsons    Dana Carter          Johnny Rutherford
1978    Ascot           100 laps        Rick Goudy              Sleepy Tripp     Johnny Anderson   Jon Rahe             Mike Gregg
1979    Ascot           100 laps        Ron Shuman              Steve Lotshaw    Stan Fox          Ken Schrader         Bob East
1980    Ascot           100 laps        Ron Shuman              Bob East         Jeff Haywood      Tommy White          Brian Renshaw
1981    Ascot           100 laps        Ron Shuman              Kevin Olson      Jeff Haywood      Jon Rahe             Steve Lotshaw
1982    Ascot           100 laps        Ron Shuman              Jeff Heywood     Hank Butcher      Ken Nichols          Stan Fox
1983    Ascot           100 laps        Kevin Olson             Mike Groff       Tommy Astone      Rick Bussell         Hank Butcher
1984    Ascot           100 laps        Ron Shuman              Rich Vogler      Sleepy Tripp      Tommy White          Mike Gregg
1985    Ascot           100 laps        Brent Kaeding           Tommy White      Tommy Astone      Jeff Heywood         Wally Pankratz
1986    Ascot           100 laps        Warren Mockler          Ron Shuman       Sleepy Tripp      Robby Flock          Stan Fox
1987    Ascot           100 laps        Ron Shuman              Sleepy Tripp     Kevin Olson       Ricky Hood           Mario Bringetto
1988    Ascot           100 laps        Chuck Gurney            Rich Vogler      Ron Shuman        Sleepy Tripp         Kevin Olson
1989    Ascot           100 laps        Chuck Gurney            Darryl Haugh     Mike Streicher    Brent Kaeding        Jeff Gordon
1990    Ascot           100 laps        Stan Fox                P.J. Jones       Brent Kaeding     Robby Flock          Jack Hewitt
1991    Saugus          100 laps        Stan Fox                Chuck Gurney     Wally Pankratz    George Ito           Jimmy Sills
1992    Bakersfield     100 laps        Ron Shuman              Tony Elliott     Stevie Reeves     Hank Butcher         Chuck Gurney
1993    Bakersfield     100 laps        Ron Shuman              Robbie Flock     Johnny Cofer      George Ito           Jay Drake
1994    Bakersfield     100 laps        Jordan Hermansader      Hank Butcher     Kenny Irwin, Jr.  Billy Boat           Tracy Hines
1995    Bakersfield     100 laps        Billy Boat              Kenny Irwin, Jr. Kevin Doty        Richard Griffin      Rick Hendrix
1996    Perris          100 laps        Billy Boat              Ronnie Day       Kenny Irwin, Jr.  Jordan Hermansader   Jim Keene
1997    Ventura         100 laps        Billy Boat              Jay Drake        Jimmy Sills       Wally Pankratz       Tracy Hines
1998    Bakersfield     100 laps        Jay Drake               Jason Leffler    Jerry Coons, Jr.  Dave Darland         Kasey Kahne
1999    Irwindale       100 laps        Jason  Lefler           Tony Stewart     Dave Darland      Clay Klepper         Dave Steele
2000    Irwindale       100 laps        Tony Stewart            Kasey Kahne      Tracy Hines       Jason Leffler        Michael Lewis
2001    Irwindale       100 laps        Dave Steele             J.J. Yeley       Kasey Kahne       Michael Lewis        Aaron Fike
2002    Irwindale       100 laps        find outThursday Nov 28         ?        ?                      ?               ?


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