The outrageous mountain-climbers that became Pikes Peak legends
Hillclimb / Pikes Peak Special feature

The outrageous mountain-climbers that became Pikes Peak legends


From Bigfoot to Le Mans-influenced racers, via Group B-derived leviathans, Pikes Peak has allowed some terrifying spectres to be unleashed. The latest in our Monsters of Motorsport series looks at the most outlandish machines to prove their worth on the famous hillclimb.

There’s nothing new about monsters visiting America’s Mountain. Since the 1800s, the good folk of Colorado Springs have talked about seeing Bigfoot wandering along the sides of Pikes Peak. Today, there’s even a sign warning motorists of a particular spot where the elusive creature likes to cross the road.

But for one day each year, the big hairy beast is nowhere to be seen on the Pikes Peak Highway. One Sunday every summer, Bigfoot spotting is cast aside in favour of the mountain’s real monsters as the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb gets under way. The 12.42-mile road runs from the startline at 9390 feet and rises through 156 corners to the summit at 14,115 feet. That’s three Ben Nevises piled high, with two thirds of a Snowdon on top. It’s a long way up, but it’s a journey that has captivated motorsport followers for more than 100 years.


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